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New York City Assistant District Attorney Jill Starishevsky was recently featured on "Oprah," to share the important message contained in her children's book "My Body Belongs to Me." In this segment, Oprah Winfrey stresses the fact that we must teach our children that if they are ever touched...
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Barbara and her books to soothe the soul. To give a little something that when in a time of need you have my heart and help to grab a hold.
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A powerful and gripping debut novel that follows the journey of two young sisters coming of age in a secret polygamous sect where religion is distorted to justify abuse, misogyny, and the taking of child brides. Learn more about this author here: http://tinyurl.com/26bacf8 Learn more about this...
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Offering a remarkable look at the lifestyle and beliefs of her family, and the rigid ideas of shame and honor they used to oppress her, The Imams Daughter by Hannah Shah also shines a light on contemporary Muslim culture. It is the inspiring story of the courage and emancipation of Hannah Shah...
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Abandoned by her mother, native Boston teen, Stephanie is sent to live with a rich family in LA. Stephanie spins a tale of lies to fit in. When her lies are exposed, Stephanie is sent reeling, until she finds friendship and a mothers love in the last place she ever expected. Learn more about this...
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Description Booze House the booktrailer Snap Shot Stories by Maria Mendoza Written as a memoir of true events based in the Downriver area of Michigan, Booze House is a tour de force emotional ride that vividly and powerfully portrays the experience of surviving a broken family unit! With gritty...
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A phone call from a high school friend launched a series of unexpected events that tore apart a man’s world, shocked his family, and impacted a community. Emotional scars rip wide open exposing a buried, traumatic experience that set the foundation to this disturbing story. Child abuse, a seizure...
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Barbara Hart and her self help books.
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A good reading of more than 20 years ago: Joan Larkin