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I recently had the opportunity to get into the studio with a good friend of mine and record a number of my spoken word pieces. Here is the first of many I will be making available. Come a Little Closer has always been one of my faves. It was my first posts on this site. Give it a listen, share it,...
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The Paper Rats deconstruct some common writer stereotypes. Which one are you?
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Yes, we participated in the Sh*t [X people] Say meme, but with a twist. Enjoy!
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Lori Hope appears with six physicians for ValleyCare Health Systems' second annual Breast Cancer Symposium in October 2011.
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Lori Hope speaks before conferences and gatherings, small and large, including a national conference of American Cancer Society VPs, about keeping hope alive through cancer and beyond, and other topics.
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Some nights are just dark spots in space. So begins The Case, a surreal journey into the mind and ornate miscalculations of Brock Meirski. "...pattern recognition on overload..." -- Steve Aylett "...extravagant and highly unpredictable..." -- Douglas Hofstadter "...Mandelbrot, fed through the...
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Tired of the slideshow book trailers?  Why not see what a cartoon commercial looks like...easy to do, hilarious to post.
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Description?  You're LOOKING at it.
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A quick tour through an engaging book about a cartoonist finding her voice. Music by Merrill Collins.
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Book trailer for Jenna McCarthy's IF IT WAS EASY THEY'D CALL THE WHOLE DAMN THING A HONEYMOON (Berkley Books, 2011) (SPOILER: There's a bath tub scene!), available at Amazon.com and wherever books are sold, an admittedly dwindling retail category. Please visit Jenna online at www.jennamccarthy.com...