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Wonderfully compelling, another wonderful story from a terrific author.
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...emotionally charged, complex...story within a story within a story...that overlaps and intertwines beautifully.
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Trailer for All Lost Things by Josh Aterovis - COMING SOON Killian Kendall's life is changing faster than he can keep up. He's graduating from high school, breaking up with his boyfriend, and starting a new job with a private investigator. He's barely settled at his new desk when his ex-boyfriend...
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This video is a collaboration among artists ( Poet Marilyn Kallet and Filmmakers Doug Griffey and Niles Thomas Maddox of Doomed* Productions ) intended to showcase "Packing Light: New and Selected Poems" by Marilyn Kallet. Published by Black Widow Press, 2009. We hope that the video can be a door...
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Here's the book trailer for The Sixth Form, released in paperback by Kensington Books on January 1st, 2009.
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A book trailer for Growing Up Dead: The Hallucinated Confessions of a Teenage Deadhead. This trailer was created by Prime8Media. It can also be viewed at www.growingupdead.com
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Here is the book trailer for Rise of the Ancients - Annuna - coming July 31st
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Sonia Samarth couldn’t have predicted it – after only a day, her advertisement had drawn dozens of responses. In the bustling city of Pune, India, with its winding alleys and exotic customs, Sonia is launching a new business : private investigation – using Vedic astrology as a crime-solving tool....
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Book trailer for Cliff's two novels, "Out of Time" and "Don't Mess With Earth"