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Recorded August 16, 1991, on KRCL's READING, Kevin Avery reads his short story about how a bitter, disillusioned barber uses the occasion of a twelve-year-old boy's haircut to introduce the youngster to the danger and violence inherent in everyday life. The story was subsequently adapted into a...
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Video from Alice's January 10, 2008 reading and signing at Alexander Book Co. in San Francisco, California. Thanks to Bernard Henderson, Alexander Book Co., and YouTube for this video! Video © bernardsbookshelf.com
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Enjoy this humorous short story by Jess Wells on the unique community of Loon Lake, as a family finds their lives transformed by an explosion that decimates their house.
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Adam Berkman just moved into a new apartment in the suburbs with his girlfriend. So what happens when he finds a small furry creature with big teeth in his dumpster?
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Author Molly Giles and Bookseller Elaine Petrocelli (founder of Book Passage--Corte Madera and San Francsico) speak with moderator Lauren John about how to choose books for book discussion groups and take audience questions.  Molly Giles then reads her short story The Poet's Husband and the panel...
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Still yet another blast from the past...(oh, remember when we were into nostalgia?) Reading at the Black Cat Club, Washington DC, 1995. An early crowd fave from "Bite Hard".
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Another blast from the past.... Reading at Luna Park @ Los Angeles, 21 Jan 1998. Poem from first book, "Bite Hard".
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Finishing the reading, plus some Q&A.  
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A reading - with help from Juliana Egley, actor and theatre producer, reading the part of the ghost, in French.
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Redroom.com presents Po Bronson (What Should I Do With My Life?) reading at Litquake 2007, San Francisco's annual literary festival. Bronson talks about when readers are driven to profound acts—including suicide attempts—by authors' works, and what effect that has on the authors.