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Three dozen women, most over 45, tell their stories and wisdom learned on the trail. Chapters such as solo backpacking, backpacking with friends, llama packing, bear encounters as well as information about staying fit, safe, and healthy while hiking are included. Readers will be inspired by the...
Mama, PhD, is a literary anthology of personal essays by women working both in and out of higher education, writing about their experiences as they choose to have, not have, or delay children. The essays in this anthology speak to and offer support for any woman attempting to combine work and...
This paperback original offers the most hilarious and heart-wrenching essays from ten years of this quintessential alternative-parenting bible.
One of Kathy's essays is included in this anthology exploring the vital connection between motherhood and social change. The Maternal Is Political features thirty powerful, hard-hitting literary essays by women who are striving to make the world a better place for children and families—both their...
Voices Rooted in Truth Shake the Sky; A Decade of Artists Against Rape
'Voices Rooted in Truth Shake the Sky' was published by San Francisco Women Against Rape. Two of my poems included in the anthology, were performed at the Brava Theater; San Francisco, 2006; "Human Garbage" and "The Holocaust Museum for The Poorest of the Poor".  They are...
The Palace of Tears
“This is an enchanting tale of love: a man dreams of a woman, while she dreams of the man who is dreaming of her. It reminds me of Silk by Alessandro Baricco, and One Thousand and One Nights, but Alev Croutier has a voice of her own, soft and poetic, like music in a Turkish garden...
  After a long period of absence, an expatriate returns to Turkey and revisits the seven houses that her family had occupied for four generations and the people who inhabit them, in memory and in actuality.  Her journey is a sweep through the Twentieth century, taking us from the last days of the...
Harem:The World Behind the Veil
Drawing on a host of intimate firsthand accounts, histories, and memoirs in English, French, Italian, and Turkish, Harem explores life in the world’s harems, from the Middle Ages to the twentieth century, focusing on the fabled harem of the Topkapi Palace in Istanbul as a paradigm for all. We are...
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