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Posted by Terence Clarke on Mar.19.2013

Many-times published novelist, short-story writer and journalist Terence Clarke has been called “an inspired – and inspiring – editor.” A recent non-fiction project for which he was the lead editor sold to Atria Books for an advance of $70,000.00. He is ready to help you with your book, especially if you feel that you're close to publishing, but not quite there. Careful reading, thoughtful editing, a close knowledge of the publishing world, and realistic advice.


Send an email to Terry at teryclarke@gmail.com, with a description of the project, a word count, a summation of where it stands just now, and a passage of 1,000 words or so. Terry will respond in a timely manner, and will gladly discuss the project, whether he thinks he can help, how much work he thinks it needs, how much time will be required, and the fee (and terms) he will ask for if he accepts the project. Terry is located in San Francisco, California. But with Skype, he can meet you anywhere in the world.


Terry is the director of publishing at Red Room Press.

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