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Local radio host and political pundit, Luis Davila Colon, and well respcted reporter, Sandra Rodriguez, praised Raul Colon and his article on the announcement of the Tax Refom by Governor Luis Fortuno. The praise came at the 7:00 minute mark
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When the earthquake hit Haiti last January, that country's history of poor government was largely responsible for the extent of the devastation and inability to deal with the aftermath. Lax building codes were only one ingredient in the stew. My podcast, "Haiti: A Patient with Hope," provides an...
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http://www.blogtalkradio.com/judy-joy-jones-show/2009/07/01/judy-joy-jon... HELEN THOMAS, is a veteran news wire reporter, Hearst Newspaper columnist, member of the WHITE HOUSE PRESS CORPS and best-selling author. MS. THOMAS & PRESIDENT OBAMA, celebrate the same birthday, & sat together on...
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ASNY NOW Report The Saturday Edition11/21/2009 9:00 PM Today's Guest is Vicki S. Nikoladis, a Member of SOA Watch and 350.org Here to Talk about the School Of Americas and their Upcoming Protests In Ft. Benning, GA as well as other issues in the today's news. From The Wordpress blog ''The City...
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Judy Joy Jones Show presents Dr. Michio Kaku discussing 'Physics of the Impossible' his latest NY Times Bestselling Book. Dr. Michio Kaku; theoretical physicist, best-selling author, and popularizer of science, discusses his NY Times Bestselling book: 'Physics of the Impossible'. Dr. Kaku will...
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Attorney Gloria Allred's cases include; OJ Simpson; Michael Jackson; Heather Mills divorce from Paul McCartney, Robert Blake, Hunter Tylo; actress fired by producer Arron Spelling for becoming pregnant; Rocker Tommy Lee's battery charges, model Kelly Fisher's lawsuit against Dodi Fayed before he...
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A celebration of the President-Elect, to the tune of the least Obamariffic state of them all. This'll teach 'em! I wrote this & performed it with no rehearsal & in a slightly too-high key (as will be evident), with Los Train Wreck, the jam band led by author Kathi Kamen Goldmark. The back-...
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Farzana Versey reads two excerpts: What is the book about? I can tell you what it is not. It is not an academic thesis. It does not have solutions for the Indo-Pak issues. If it is anything, then it is about questioning my identity as an Indian Muslim and my so-called allegiance to the so-called...
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Kimiko Soldati was proud to represent the United States of America in the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens, Greece. But what’s most amazing about this young woman is that she is such an accomplished diver despite the overwhelming odds against her. It is only by the grace of God that she was able to...