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Amy Tan recommends:
Write That Book Already!.jpg
 Praise for Write That Book Already! The Tough Love You Need To Get Published Now "This is THE book that every would-be author needs to own. It'...
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Po Bronson recommends:
Packing for Mars.jpg
The best-selling author of Stiff and Bonk explores the irresistibly strange universe of space travel and life without gravity. Space is a world...
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devorah major recommends:
In this diary of intentionality, the behearer and the beholder approach the world with an attitude of longing—for less: less sorrow, less suffering...
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Deborah Grabien recommends:
The Sleeping Partner.jpg
The Sleeping Partner heralds the return of the serene and self-reliant Miss Sarah Tolerance, Fallen Woman and Agent of Inquiry. This time, Miss...
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Jessica Barksdale Inclán recommends:
Kindle and Nook available now; print available September 17
Book of the Year Finalist at ForeWord Reviews, Love at Absolute Zero is a comic romance about Gunnar Gunderson, a 32-year-old star physicist at...
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Craig Clevenger recommends:
Working Backwards from the Worst Moment of My Life.jpg
From a writer Steve Almond calls “the master of the down and out that just got worse” comes a collection of stories that live vividly in the reader...
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Rosemary Jones recommends:
Vampire Career.jpg
A begining vampire... A gnawing hunger... A friendly guy... Disaster...just a heartbeat away. Newly turned vampire Gerogia can deal with the "dead...
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Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni recommends:
Impatient With Desire.jpg
The Donner Party You know how some died. Here's how some lived. "My heart is big with hope and impatient with desire." --Tamsen Donner, a letter...
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Marcia Meier recommends:
No One Is Here Except All Of Us.jpg
An isolated village tries to save itself from a war through sheer force of imagination—all at the suggestion of a girl. In 1939, the families in a...
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Chris Rodell recommends:
The Caddie Who Won the Masters.jpg
Bobby Jones always hoped that someday an amateur would win the Masters. In this novel, bestselling author John Coyne—The Caddie Who Knew Ben Hogan...
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Gabrielle Burton recommends:
book cover.jpg
The biography of a 19th-century Mormon pioneer who became a celebrity after she was captured, raised, and tattooed on the face by Southwest Indians,...

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Mending Horses
Booklist reviews
"Barker skillfully evokes the realities of class, racial, and gender oppression in the nineteenth century through a rich cast, lifelike setting, and complex, compelling plot."
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The Sandcastle Girls
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Dana Mills talks about
A powerful novel on a milestone in history that forever haunted the Armenian people, on how much is held back and how much is passed on to future generations. Chris Bohjalian is an outstanding story-...
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