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Karen Palmer reviews
“Each of Eslami’s stories works on the reader like a solar eclipse. There is the same feeling of melancholy suspense, the expectation of something rare and...
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Quill & Quire reviews
Montreal writer Mark Lavorato delivers an engaging third novel that does a lovely job infusing history into fiction. Set mostly in 1920s Montreal, Serafim and...
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Witness reviews
"It is fascinating to read James Whyle's fictionalized account of the Grosvenor wreck... it contains within its less than 150 pages a great deal of food for...
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Two Brothers Origin.jpg
Amazon reviews
Twin brothers Argus & Tai Dachel raised by their aunt because their parents are dead in outskirts of Palmdale CA. Home-schooled because they are special....
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Amazon.com reviews
This story grabbed my attention and held me hostage from the first page. It is the story of prepubescent virgin girls around the world becoming pregnant at...
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The Proxy Assassin"
Kirkus Reviews reviews
Knoerle’s ace thriller, the third in the American Spy series, chronicles a noirish tough guy’s efforts to protect the world from the Red Menace, circa 1948....
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We, Monsters
Guernica Magazine reviews
"Much like Lolita, it is slyly funny and richly characterized, allowing the reader to develop empathy for anti-heroes. Most importantly, the book is a work of...
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The Black Church
Goodreads reviews
The story takes off from the very first page, leaving you breathless as you learn more and more about the tapestry's history, and the lives entwined within it.
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Comfortably Numb
Library Journal reviews
Grabien, Deborah. Comfortably Numb. Plus One. (JP Kinkaid Chronicles, Bk. 8). Oct. 2013. 298p. ISBN 9780986008511. pap. $17.95. M Agreeing to perform a New Year's...
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Impressions of a Reader reviews
Light is 'Nathan Burgoine's full-length debut novel. I've read most of Burgoine's short stories in different LGBT anthologies, so I'm quite familiar with his...
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The Lost Daughter of Happiness
American Studies International, Vol XXXVIII, no. 1, pp. 61-71 reviews
Scholarly article by Prof. Pin-chia Feng, Chair of Department of Foreign Languages and Literature at National Chiao-Tung University, Taiwan.  Prof. Feng suggests a...
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The Wonderful Demise of Benjamin Arnold Guppy
Allbooks Review reviews
Do you like your neighbours? Are they good, wholesome people who like to get on with you? If they are, then you are lucky. Your neighbours could be Ben and Pat...
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The Operators.jpg
Military.com reviews
The journalist who ended Gen. Stanley McChrystal’s tenure as commander of the Afghanistan war is back with "The Operators," a book about Washington, D.C., power...
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Mobile Mansions
January Magazine reviews
It wasn't long after our love affair with the car developed that we managed to combine it with another passion: travel. That seems an obvious statement since cars...
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Library Journal reviews
"Master of Ceremonies" is the dizzying, tender, and true story of a fledgling actor whose first break results in a two-year stint as the emcee at Chippendales, in...
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National Public Radio reviews
"For Independence Day: A Story Of The Fireworks That Changed American Thought" True fact: One year before he built his cabin on Walden Pond, Henry David Thoreau...
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The Globe & Mail, Toronto, Canada reviews
What I would really like to say about The Collected Poems of Robert Sward would not be a book review. I would like to say, Listen to this! and quote a whole poem,...
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The Anatomist
The Washington Post reviews
Like any good teacher, Hayes has a knack for metaphor. The still, close air in an anatomy lab is "like the gym of the dead." A lung is "a wet mound...
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Blood of Paradise
Washington Post reviews
Before he began writing novels, David Corbett spent 15 years as an operative with a San Francisco private investigation firm, an experience that left him without...
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http://www2.timesdispatch.com/rtd/entertainment/books_literature/article/BWELLS23_20090819-172603/28 reviews
Crowning Glory of Calla Lily Ponder," is tugged by the moon. In fact, the moon is more or less a character in the book, shining upon its namesake town of La Luna...
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