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Marcy Dermansky reviews
“Oh, what a writer. Elizabeth Eslami continuously surprises and amazes. Hibernate is a collection of unique and astonishing stories.”
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Karen Palmer reviews
“Each of Eslami’s stories works on the reader like a solar eclipse. There is the same feeling of melancholy suspense, the expectation of something rare and...
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Quill & Quire reviews
Montreal writer Mark Lavorato delivers an engaging third novel that does a lovely job infusing history into fiction. Set mostly in 1920s Montreal, Serafim and...
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Witness reviews
"It is fascinating to read James Whyle's fictionalized account of the Grosvenor wreck... it contains within its less than 150 pages a great deal of food for...
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Two Brothers Origin.jpg
Amazon reviews
Twin brothers Argus & Tai Dachel raised by their aunt because their parents are dead in outskirts of Palmdale CA. Home-schooled because they are special....
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Amazon.com reviews
This story grabbed my attention and held me hostage from the first page. It is the story of prepubescent virgin girls around the world becoming pregnant at...
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The Proxy Assassin"
Kirkus Reviews reviews
Knoerle’s ace thriller, the third in the American Spy series, chronicles a noirish tough guy’s efforts to protect the world from the Red Menace, circa 1948....
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We, Monsters
Guernica Magazine reviews
"Much like Lolita, it is slyly funny and richly characterized, allowing the reader to develop empathy for anti-heroes. Most importantly, the book is a work of...
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The Black Church
Goodreads reviews
The story takes off from the very first page, leaving you breathless as you learn more and more about the tapestry's history, and the lives entwined within it.
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Comfortably Numb
Library Journal reviews
Grabien, Deborah. Comfortably Numb. Plus One. (JP Kinkaid Chronicles, Bk. 8). Oct. 2013. 298p. ISBN 9780986008511. pap. $17.95. M Agreeing to perform a New Year's...
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The Providence Journal reviews
“Leora Skolkin-Smith’s new novel, “Hystera,” provides a very vivid sense of being in the head of someone having a psychotic breakdown, and is a powerfully useful...
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Updated Cover
Self-Publishing Review reviews
SPOILER ALERT! It’s a high-concept tale that could easily form the basis of a Hollywood blockbuster or season-long television narrative, such as 24.
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VOYA reviews
Although a melange of piracy, reincarnation, dog-training tips, and prosaic family drama seems an unlikely basis for a young adult novel, King weaves an unusual...
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The Asian Age reviews
While some writers paint with words, some can make them sing and some others can even make them breathe, but very few can make them tell a story. Mascarenhas has...
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Santa's Birthday Gift
Biblio Reads Children's Book Review reviews
I gotta tell you that I really love Sherrill's rhyme and way with words. This is the second book of hers that I have reviewed and I heartily recommend her as a...
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Berkeley Poets Cooperative: A History of the Times
Cengage Learning, Gale Interactive reviews
Knowledgeably compliled and deftly edited by Charles Entrekin, "The Berkeley Poets Cooperative: A History of the Times" is a kind of literary/social/cultural/...
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blood drama cover--eBook.jpg
Mary's Cup of Tea reviews
I loved this book! It is such a work in progress, like most people are. Ian starts out being a guy who scares easily, gets excited easily and really has no sense...
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GoodReads reviews
Karen rated a book 5 of 5 stars A Wicked Design.  A Wicked Design (a Belinda Lawrence Mystery) by Brian Kavanagh (Goodreads Author) read in November, 2013 '...
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Ramblings of an Elfpire reviews
I really enjoyed this book! The writing style was what made this for me; the way that the author created the atmosphere and suspense was artistic and beautiful,...
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Dirty Words: A Literary Encyclopedia of Sex
NPR.org reviews
NPR.org, July 2, 2008 · There are books, and then there are "Books We Like." Each week in Books We Like, our critics review their top picks for new fiction and...
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