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People With Holes Cover
ForeWord Reviews reviews
Fowler’s ability to make a reader believe all the strange things that happen in these stories is deft and precise. Some of the living beings are not human; and...
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Radical Reinvention.jpg
Publishers Weekly reviews
Growing up, Oakes (Slanted and Enchanted) felt many a dark night of the soul, though at the time she didn’t know to call it such, and rather than turn to God,...
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Genre Go Round reviews
This is a fascinating but extremely difficult tale to read as the narration switches nine times making the novel feel more like a series of short vignettes...
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Last Bus to Vasco reviews
If you want to know about Venezuela, read this book by Margaret Mascarenhas. Right now Hugo Chavez, the Venezuelan President, is known for his resistance to the...
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The Sandcastle Girls
The Armenian Weekly reviews
"The scope of The Sandcastle Girls is almost epic. . .While there are the rich personal stories that his readers connect to, what he has achieved is much...
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Lambda Literary Review reviews
Justin Chin stitches together a collection of stories in 98 Wounds (Manic D Press) that are visceral, unsettling, overwhelming, disturbing, poetic, beautiful,...
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For One Who Knows How to Own Land
Pirene's Fountain reviews
I wrote my undergraduate honors thesis on “reverse regionalism” (a concept I coined with the confidence and confusion of a young intellectual) in the poetry of...
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Gates of Eden IPPY Award
The Midwest Book Review: Small Press Bookwatch reviews
Gates of Eden Charles Degelman Harvard Square Editions ISBN: 9780983321637 $14.95 www.harvardsquareeditions.org War is not to be waged lightly. Gates of Eden is a...
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My Postwar Life
The Japan Times reviews
My Postwar Life: New Writings From Japan and Okinawa, edited by Elizabeth McKenzie. Chicago Quarterly Review Books, 324 pp., $19.95 (hardcover) The first entry in...
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The Raven's Heart
The Sunday Telegraph (Australia's largest newspaper) reviews
Jesse has all the hallmarks of a great historical fiction writer, achieving a fine balance of thoroughly researched  atmospheric detail and suspenseful story...
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Before the Storm
Publishers Weekly reviews
“Chamberlain lays out her latest piece of romantic suspense in a shattered chronology that’s as graceful as it is perfectly paced. . . . her engrossing prose leads...
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The Brothers Judd-http://brothersjudd.com/ reviews
In 1969, Man reached the Moon and the New York Miracle Mets won the World Series. In 1980, the United States Men's Hockey team beat the USSR and proceeded to win...
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In Cold Daylight
Cozy Library reviews
In Cold Daylight is a well plotted, well written adventure featuring a likable amateur sleuth with a complex past and present -- and a long-buried secret to...
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Dream of the Blue Room
Kirkus Reviews reviews
A complex and nimbly fashioned first novel.
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BookPage reviews
Kathi Kamen Goldmark has written a fast-paced, wisecracking debut novel that takes readers on the road and backstage for an intimate look at the country music...
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The First of the Silva Novels
Library Journal reviews
Gage’s inspector is a fascinating character, a man who once dispensed his own brand of Brazilian justice now charged with upholding the law of the land. Highly...
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Finn: A Novel
Entertainment Weekly reviews
Clinch brings us a radical new take on Twain's classic, and a stand-alone marvel of a novel.
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Sword of Medina.jpg
Rose and Thorn Journal reviews
"Above all, Jones narrates Islamic history as a love story. She makes it a story of choices, struggle and reform, rather than subjugation and mindless obedience."
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Leading Lady
New Great Books That Are A Must Read reviews
As many readers know, I love a good thriller/mystery. Some are your conspiracy, big government types where the main character is a rogue agent trying to save...
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A Split Second of Light
Bookin' with Sunny reviews
A Split Second of Light is that brief moment when (as the poet writes in an early poem) “A pinhole of light appears through the clouds” and what is beheld is...
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