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Chinese Laundries
US-China Review, Spring 2012, Vol. XXXVI, No. 2, 20-21 reviews
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The Sandcastle Girls
The Associated Press reviews
“It takes a talented novelist to combine fully ripened characters, an engrossing storyline, exquisite prose and set it against a horrific historical backdrop — in...
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Charles R. Knight.jpg
Los Angeles Times reviews
Although his is not a household name, Charles R. Knight (1874-1953) created paintings of dinosaurs, saber-toothed cats, woolly mammoths and other prehistoric fauna...
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Middle-East Mezze
"David Radavich's aptly named collection of poems transports readers to the Orient in all its complexity.  The poems take their inspiration from the wealth of...
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The Sandcastle Girls
Oprah.com reviews
“A searing, tautly woven tale of war and the legacy it leaves behind…A nuanced, sophisticated portrayal of what it means not only to endure, but to insist on hope...
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Updated Cover
Readers Favorite reviews
5-star review: Henry Mosquera has written one of the most fast-paced books I have ever read. You will be enthralled with the action and adventure. WARNING!...
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The Sandcastle Girls
The Washington Post reviews
"Bohjalian deftly weaves the many threads of this story back and forth, from past to present, from abuse to humanity, from devastation to redemption. His ability...
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Silver Moon cover
Lambda Literary Reviews reviews
"All of this leads to the biggest success of the novel: The setting of Wolf’s Point as a character unto itself. The mythology behind the forest-surrounded town...
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For One Who Knows How to Own Land
Main Street Rag reviews
For One Who Knows How to Own Land, by Scott Owens, is like walking through a farm on a hot South Carolina afternoon in the summer.  His poems ring out with an...
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The Witness reviews
"Candid, compelling, at times engagingly droll and written with a subtlety that packs powerful effects into simple-seeming prose, Whyle's book is a triumphant mix...
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Amazon reviews
The thing that will push contact with new worlds the quickest is the desire for profit. "Zaftan Entrepreneurs" is a science fiction story lampooning the first...
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Rose House (smallest).jpg
Faithfulreader.com reviews
"Readers will appreciate Tina Ann Forkner’s finely tuned ability to bring to life both her characters' strong realistic emotions and the physical beauty that...
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Romance Reviews Today reviews
Beautifully written, with realistic dialogue and characters who will make your heart ache at times, THE FORBIDDEN DAUGHTER is a worthy successor to Ms. Bantwal's...
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Awaken the Highland Warrior
Front Cover Quote reviews
“An exciting, riveting read! Nothing’s sexier than a time-traveling Highland warrior except one with the mission to save the world and the contemporary, courageous...
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WIRED online reviews
But I’m always glad to find an independent project that I enjoy. The perception for independent comics, I think, is that they’re the literary fiction version of...
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Authonomy reviews
Got up very early this morning and read 'Missio' straight on through. I absolutely could not stop! It is brilliant and grand--I can't think of a better word than...
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Chater comps rev5.jpg
Shelf Awareness reviews
Book Review: Waiting for the Apocalypse Jan 24, 2009 Waiting for the Apocalypse: A Memoir of Faith and Family by Veronica Chater ($23.95, Norton, 9780393066036/...
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Mom and Dad Don't Live Together Anymore
CM: Canadian Review of Materials reviews
With the divorce rate nearing fifty per cent, there is a real need for this material, especially for younger children. Here, a little girl of about six tells how...
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Forgetting English
Fiction Writers Review reviews
In her impressive debut collection, Forgetting English, Midge Raymond sets her stories in a variety of locations outside the continental United States. How many...
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