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The Montreal Gazette reviews
Set mostly in Montreal in the 1920s and early ’30s, Serafim and Claire is an evocative, dramatic and poetic page-turner...
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What Does It Mean To Be Safe
Pragmatic Mom reviews
It’s easy to be paranoid as a parent since, if you keep up with the news, danger lurks everywhere. It used to freak me out even before I was a parent, hearing...
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Times Live reviews
In other hands these encounters between Europe and Africa would be lousy with meaning and allegory and retrospective wisdom, but there are no morals here....
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Married at Fourteen cover
Goodreads.com reviews
Lucille Lang Day’s remarkable memoir, Married At Fourteen, is a breathtaking page-turner that will (Warning!) keep you reading far into the night. Part of the...
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Dark Knowledge
Reading the Paranormal reviews
I honestly didn't know how things were going to play out as the story progressed. The lengths the other players were willing to go to was disturbing. That Wesley...
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Birds of Paradise Lose
Southern Maryland College reviews
Tonight we hear another voice couched by that war. Andrew Lam is the author of Perfume Dreams: Reflections on the Vietnamese Diaspora, which won the...
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Halfway to the Stars
Clarion/Foreword Reviews reviews
Halfway to the Stars will thrill an audience seeking entertainment untouched by editorial censors. This is stand-up comedy at its literary best, with...
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Cooking with an Asian Accent
Publishers Weekly reviews
...Compestine (Revolution is Not a Dinner Party) infuses Eastern philosophy into Western cuisine. The author of 20 books on Chinese culture and cooking creates...
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Perfume River
All Women's Talk reviews
Written by Andrew Lam, Perfume Dreams provides insight into the impact of the Vietnam War on the Vietnamese. Lam is a famous NPR commentator and journalist, and in...
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The Saturday Star reviews
This is a slim little book, but the terse economy of the prose propels you into its relentless rhythm from the start. James Whyle has the gift of conveying...
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LUFT NUR - book cover with a drawing by Robert Schöffmann (Austrian painter)
(...) Bozena Intrator's prose is like a series of small paintings or photographs: literary snapshots of life in Warsaw, Vienna and New York, (...), portraying...
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Chicago Tribune reviews
A neurotic young man looks into his mother's death when he was a child ...
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Bad-Ass Faeries
Tangent Online reviews
"At The Crossroads" by Danielle Ackley-McPhail is one of the true gems in Bad-Ass Faeries. Lance is a half fae, half human motorcycle gang leader. His...
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The Glass Butterfly.jpg
VOYA Magazine reviews
A compelling mystery and crime drama unfolds as Tory Lake tries to build a new life for herself as Paulette Chambers. Tory, a Vermont therapist, is desperate to...
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Picture the Dead paperback.jpg
Shelf Awareness reviews
Picture the Dead by Adele Griffin, illus. by Lisa Brown (Sourcebooks Fire, $14.99, 9781402237126/140223712X, 272 pp., ages 12-up, May 2010) Adele Griffin here...
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Friends of Radio 3 reviews
"The contrasts between black and white are understated: an old world and a new; the enterprising Rejoice has more to him than the prosaic Warren; the...
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http://www.columbiaspectator.com/2009/09/07/eric-barnes-novel-shimmer-science-fiction-meets-ponzi-sc reviews
. “[The] characters are the novel’s primary concern …. Shimmer is pervaded by a sense of solitude. … The descriptions of computers, networks, and information are...
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Halfway Home.jpg
Linkedin reviews
"Bernadette is an extremely kind, giving and soulful woman whose writing expresses more than just a story - it shows a journey. Through her blog and website,...
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Memnon -- UK.jpg
Lancashire Evening Post reviews
Mercurial, ruthless, brilliant, Alexander the Great united Greece and stormed on to crush the mighty Persian Empire. Those who opposed him were effete barbarians...
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Kirkus Reviews reviews
Patton debuts with a peachy-keen summer read about a Southern woman’s misadventures as a Vermont innkeeper. Leelee Satterfield is a bona fide Memphis gal of the...
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