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Rose of Raby Cover
Amazon reviews
"Rose of Raby" tells the story of Cecylee, a girl belonging to England's royal Neville family in the 15th century. Although this book is fiction, it aims at...
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The Gilded Cage Cover
Amazon reviews
The Thwarted Queen is that wonderful combination of historical accuracy and a story that sweeps you away into the 15th century world of lords and ladies, royal...
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Erotica Exotica
Icarus: The Magazine of Gay Speculative Fiction, Issue 12 reviews
The collection starts off with "Possession," a strong entry from 'Nathan Burgoine, continuing the saga of Luc, Anders and Curtis - I first encountered these...
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isaac version 2-JPEG.jpg
New York Journal of Books reviews
  Isaac is a witty, dazzlingly intellectual story, an exploration of morality in the contemporary world, a true Modern Fable which, as one might expect...
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Via Negativa reviews
Robbi Nester; White Violet Press 2012WorldCat•LibraryThing•Google Books•BookFinder  It’s always a relief when a friend’s collection of poems turns out to be...
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Historical Novel Review reviews
Donna Russo Morin has written a majestic novel, breathtaking in its prose, and sweeping in its scope, about 17th century Venice at the height of its glory. What...
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THE SEVENTH GATE, by Richard Zimler
Publishers' Weekly reviews
My new novel, The Seventh Gate, has just received a boxed and starred pre-publication review from Publishers' Weekly.  To read the rave review, please go to...
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Erotica Exotica
Circlet Press reviews
The first story, “Possession” by ‘Nathan Burgoine, is one of the strongest in the entire book.  Engaging from the first page, logical in the plot’s...
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A Bitter Veil.jpg
BOOKLIST reviews
"The revolution is a complicated and multifaceted event, and, in some ways, Hellmann’s story of tragic love oversimplifies it; yet she does take care to ensure...
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Globalization and the Demolition of Society.jpg
Choice reviews
"Sociologist Loo ... has written an atypical book for an academic sociologist: it is well-written and jargon-free; requires no prior understanding of...
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Internet Review of Books reviews
A magician never tells how his magic works, and we don’t want to know. But Stephen Evans’ first novel gives us all the pieces to put together. Propelled by a...
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Stand Up cover.jpg
HR Examiner reviews
Donna Ballman is an employee-side employment lawyer who has been practicing 25 years. She knows her stuff. Best of all, she can write. Ballman completely won me...
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Geographies of Light
Arab Studies Quarterly, Vol. 34 No. 2 reviews
   The theme of light and geography throughout the volume plots the layers of family and history through three continents and over several generations....
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NOTP paperback cover.jpg
Various publications reviews
"Ganahl is at her best when she embraces the very real and understandable contradictions inherent in being an unmarried, unattached, older woman. 'Who am I kidding...
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Dirty Words: A Literary Encyclopedia of Sex
Nylon Magazine reviews
Bookmark: DIRTY WORDS: A LITERARY ENCYCLOPEDIA OF SEX Shit. Piss. Fuck. Cunt. Cocksucker. Motherfucker. Tits. These were the seven obscenities which were the...
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Chains & Mirrors
Rattle reviews
Alex Grant is a native Scot currently living in North Carolina. His manuscript, Chains & Mirrors, won the 2006 Randell Jarrell/Harperprints poetry contest and...
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Dragon Wishes
Midwest Books Review reviews
"A tale of adjusting and looking to the future, 'Dragon Wishes' is a fine story of the coping of youth."
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Our Farm: By the Animals of Farm Sanctuary
NY Daily News reviews
"Gottfried... based her poems on real-life animals that reside at Farm Sanctuary, one of the nation's leading animal protection organizations."
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The Writer's Guide to the Courtroom: Let's Quill All the Lawyers
Travel The Ages reviews
"Ms. Ballman, has a clear understanding of what it would be like to have to research a topic from scratch and write a fiction book because she gives the right...
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Banner Journal reviews
The latest statistics show nearly two-thirds of U.S. citizens are overweight with nearly half of all Americans qualifying as obese. To combat the condition,...
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