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What I Love About You, Mom
My Springfield Mommy reviews
What I Love About You, Mom is the perfect gift for all moms out there.  Mother’s Day is just around the corner and instead of the typical flowers and a card,...
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Clover Doves
Amazon.com reviews
Plato: "We are prisoners of our perceptions"In times of great trauma our sensory systems may transcend their limits to allow us a glimpse at a little more of...
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Is This Tomorrow.jpg
Library Journal, Booklist, more reviews
  "Ava Lark, a divorced Jewish woman, and her 12-year-old son, Lewis, move into a WASPy 1950s Boston suburb only to be ostracized by their neighbors and...
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Odd Duck
The New York Times reviews
What makes for a good old ordinary duck? Is it eating “everyday duck pellets”? Checking out “A History of Good Ducks” from the library? Theodora thinks so, and...
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Amazon. ca reviews
**** Capable of Entertaining, April 10 2013 By Cheryl LandmarkThis review is from: Capable of Murder (A Belinda Lawrence Mystery) (Kindle Edition) I really...
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Undercurrent - No. 9 in the DI Andy Horton Mystery Series
Publishers Weekly reviews
In British author Rowson’s sturdy ninth police procedural featuring Det. Insp. Andy Horton (after 2012’s Death Lies Beneath), Horton investigates the death of...
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Come, Thief
The Christian Science Monitor reviews
  Subscribe and save 75 %   Come, Thief Jane Hirshfield's poetry gives eloquent voice to moments, creatures, and landscapes often overlooked....
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Birds of Paradise Lose
Chicosol.com reviews
  By Lindajoy Fenley © chicoSol  posted April 5 Andrew Lam's short story collection, "Birds of Paradise Lost," lured me into a labyrinth of past and...
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"Beatrice's Mirror," by Melissa Morphew
http://www.chapter16.org/ reviews
"Marilyn Kallet’s new collection of wry, mostly romantic poems, The Love That Moves Me, takes its title from a line in Dante: “Amor mi mosse, che mi fa parlare...
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Amazon reviews
***** Cosy village mystery, 28 Mar 2013 By chubbagrubb - See all my reviewsAmazon Verified PurchaseThis review is from: Capable of Murder (A Belinda Lawrence...
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The Tsunami Quilt: Grandfather's Story, Written by Anthony Fredericks, Illustrated by Tammy Yee
PaperTigers reviews
The book deals with the difficult themes of loss within families and the devastating sadness of the death of innocent children in natural disasters. Some children...
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The Long River Home: A Novel by Larry Smith
examiner.com reviews
Smith's reading from Long River Home brought the aforementioned magic to life.
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Plunder Cover
Journal of Royal Anthropological Institute 2008 NS 14 reviews
Mattei, Ugo & Laura Nader. Plunder: when the rule of law is illegal. x, 283 pp., bibliogrs. Oxford, Malden, Mass.: Blackwell Publishing, 2008. £19.99 (paper)...
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Philadelphia Inquirer reviews
BOOKS NOTEWORTHY NOVEL Strokes of truth on blank canvas Reviewed By Carlin Romano the Philadelphia Inquirer May 21, 2006 One thinks of modeling for artists as...
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HEROES ARISE by Laurel Anne Hill
http://colonylibrarylady.com/2012/10/29/heroes-arise reviews
“Have you ever read a fantasy book that you really like? A lot?” I have. A few years ago, I read the novel Heroes Arise with my son. When we finished,...
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PASSENGERS cover image blog.jpg
Bulletin for the Center for Children's Books reviews
★ “For kids still struggling with their own truths, it can be hard to believe how much light there is once you come out of the cave. This is a book that knows and...
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eh 4th edition front cover.jpg
International Herald Tribune reviews
"Tales from the Expat Harem: Foreign Women in Modern Turkey" This compilation of real-life stories, edited by Istanbul residents Anastasia Ashman and...
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Birds of Paradise Lose
Diacrictics reviews
Some of you might be familiar with Andrew Lam’s previous work “Perfume Dreams: Reflections of the Vietnamese Diaspora” and “East Eats West: Writing...
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Come, Thief
Times Literary Supplement reviews
    The Times / Times Literary Supplement The Sunday Times   http://entertainment.timesonline.co.uk/tol/arts_and_entertainment/the_tl... TLS...
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The Sandcastle Girls
Library Journal reviews
"Bohjalian powerfully narrates an intricately nuanced romance with a complicated historical event at the forefront. With the centennial of the Armenian genocide...
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