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The Banquet Bug
The Asian Review of Books reviews
Yan leads the readers into a labyrinth of "phoney" things: freelance journalists from phantom newsgroups, flashing cameras that produce no photograph,...
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Snowfall at Willow Lake
BookPage reviews
Snowfall at Willow Lake is a charming addition to the popular Lakeshore Chronicles and readers will thoroughly enjoy revisiting the beloved residents and familiar...
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Appalachian Paradise
Asheville Citizen-Times reviews
Maggie Bishop's novel "Appalachian Paradise" is a romance that gets off to a good start and maintains an exciting tension that manages to carry to the...
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Emeralds in the Snow
Smoky Mountain News reviews
  Smoky Mountain News Enterprise Mountaineer. Review by JC Walkup Obsession begins and drives this tale of gems and greed set in these Western North...
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Murder at Blue Falls
Midwest Book Review reviews
I Jemma Chase works as a trail leader on her parents' ranch, the Blue Falls, where she is also an accomplished photographer, carpenter and fixer-upper. Jemma has...
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The Perils of Pleasure
All About Romance reviews
A rare A- and Desert Isle Keeper review from All About Romance:  "This is the best romance I have read in a long time. To start with, the novel’s prologue and...
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Singled Out (paperback)
www.feministing.com reviews
Social psychologist Bella DePaulo’s book Singled Out: How Singles Are Stereotyped, Stigmatized, and Ignored, and Still Live Happily Ever After gave me one of those...
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Broken Colors
MostlyFiction.com reviews
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The holothurian ossicles are from a photo by Dr. Mike Reich, one a many fine biologists who cooperated w/ this cross-genre book
Modern Haiku, Issue 35.1., the prestigious haiku journal, at the time edited by Lee Gurga reviews
THE ORIGINAL IS FIVE PAGES AND EASILY FOUND ONLINE Those who think of haiku as simple little poems should certainly get out and read “Rise, Ye Sea Slugs!,” with...
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ForKeeps (2).jpg
StoryCircleBookReviews.org reviews
For Keeps is not an easy book to read. It is not about pretty women with perfect bodies who find easy acceptance in a beauty-obsessed culture. No. It is an...
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book cover.jpg
Booklist reviews
Summoned home after a 10-year absence by a neighbor's shocking phone call, Cat enters the farmhouse where she wasn't so much raised as pummeled into submission . A...
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Curious Readers reviews
I enjoyed the werewolf lore that Spear has created for her books. I know that this is not the only one, although I haven't read the others. Her werewolves live in...
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A Richer Dust.JPG
EW, PW, The Independent reviews
“Based loosely on D.H. Lawrence's 1924 pilgrimage to Taos, N.M., where he hoped to create an artists' utopia, Amy Boaz's diamond-cut debut, A Richer Dust, follows...
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Novel: Sardinian Silver
Apex reviews reviews
Sardinian Silver Anthony Colin Wright ISBN: 9780595481002 iUniverse Reviewed By Linda Waterson Official Apex Reviews Rating: When Arthur arrives in Sardinia,...
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Novel: Sardinian Silver
www.readersfavorite.com reviews
The setting is the beautiful island of Sardinian, 1960. Arthur Fraser is enchanted with the beautiful island. Sardinia is his vision of paradise. When Arthur meets...
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Feminist Review reviews
Anyone who has experienced campus life, whether in 1981 or 2009, knows a student like Norma Rogers. She is that girl from freshman year. She is the girl who gets...
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BORDERS's Shortlist Interview reviews
The co-author, with Randy Pausch, of the inspiring bestseller The Last Lecture, Jeffrey Zaslow offers another charming book of wisdom and life lessons in The Girls...
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Sun Chronicle reviews
While Jane Nash and her girlfriends from childhood have always cherished their enduring friendship, she says they never thought it was all that unique or...
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Who's Your Mama cover.jpg
http://foodthought.org/labels/mama%20phd.html reviews
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