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The Trouble with Demons
Romantic Times BOOKreviews magazine reviews
The Trouble with Demons received 4.5 stars (their highest ranking), and has been selected as a TOP PICK! (their highest honor) in their May 2009 issue. Demons,...
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Book Cover, Photo by the Author
Leland Poague, Screening The Past reviews
"The authority Taylor cites in adducing the Jacobean features of The white devil employs “the Baroque Tradition of pictorial representation” (p. 44) to model the...
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NUMENON A Tale of Mysticism & Money
USA Book News reviews
“The material and spirit world clash in this well-written adventure novel. A fantastic intellectual work which makes readers question their priorities in this life...
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Perfume River
http://www.fertel.com/forums/Forum13/HTML/000009.html reviews
Perfume Dreams is, to me, a storybook. Lam’s words, even the title, give me the chills. There are ghosts at work in this book, figures and objects and charred...
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Dying Unfinished
Soma Literary Review reviews
Maria Espinosa arrived in San Francisco in 1964, thinking to stay only a few months. Forty years later, she was living on Capp Street and teaching ESL at City...
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The Virtual Mummy
Victoria College Library reviews
"This slim (60 page) volume describes an interdisciplinary research project on an approximately 2,000 year old Egyptian mummy acquired by the Spurlock Museum on...
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The Dead Sea Codex
Mississippi Valley Archaeology Center reviews
"...Sarah Wisseman’s second entry in the Lisa Dona hue series is entertaining and satisfying. It is a slim volume (only 150 pages in length) and this is a...
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The Dead Sea Codex
Lighthouse Book Reviews reviews
"What a wonderful story! Author Sarah Wisseman takes us on a journey with archaeologist Lisa Donahue, as she arrives in Jerusalem to arrange for artifacts to be...
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Tricking of Freya COVER 330dpi.jpg
Bookladyblog reviews
Freya Morris is doing her best to live her life in the dark. She rents a basement apartment in New York City (it was supposed to be “temporary,” but she’s been...
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Secrets She Left Behind
Manic Readers reviews
Secrets She Left Behind is an eloquently written and insightful novel. The story is seamless and the first person point of view for each character is fresh and...
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The King's Agent
Broken Teepee reviews
I thoroughly enjoyed this well written, enthralling mix of Renaissance art, politics, the supernatural, Dante,suspense, space, romance and yes - my passion,...
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NewPages.com reviews
What is most refreshing about this novel is its honesty. So many novels with young protagonists shy away from giving characters real-life problems to negotiate....
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The Corpse Reader
Examiner.com reviews
Antonio Garrido’s second novel The Corpse Reader is the fictionalized account of Song Ci, the Chinese founding father of forensic science. A historically accurate...
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Channel 2, France reviews
“The book of the summer…If you read only one book, read The Year of Fog.”
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Big City, Bad Blood
Associated Press reviews
[Chercover's] varied life experiences no doubt contribute to the gritty romanticism with which he portrays both his characters and the Chicago streets they inhabit...
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February Flowers
Financial Times Book Review(UK) reviews
by Fan Wu
"a novel that turns its eye away from imagined audiences and keeps it trained on the story at hand...the ease with which it (the novel) shakes off the...
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Simon Ortiz reviews
"She is a brand new star in the galaxy of our spirit-shining for all of our people."
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A Difficult Boy - cover art by Marc Tauss
School Library Journal reviews
"How Ethan and Daniel bolster each other and escape Mr. Lyman's tyranny makes for a memorable tale of friendship and a fascinating glimpse into mid-19th-century...
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Reader Views reviews
This latest edition in the "Explorations in Metapsychology Series" discusses the major outcome of several TIR research studies. These projects ranged from the...
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Cartwheels in a Sari
Booklist Reivew reviews
In this frank, clear-eyed memoir, Tamm recounts her youth as the chosen disciple of Sri Chinmoy, the wildly charismatic leader of a New York–based spiritual sect...
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