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Forged By Lightning: A Novel of Hannibal and Scipio
Amazon reviews
This novel is truly a pleasure to read, I read it cover to cover in an afternoon,I was never a true history fan, but gave it a chance. I must say, it read so much...
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Murder Is Binding
Internet reviews
The town of Stoneham, New Hampshire is considered the safest place in the sate because it hasn’t had a murder in sixty years. However, Stoneham is ironically also...
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Mike Snider’s Formal Blog at the Sonnetarium reviews
"Antonyms" is the most technically interesting of the death/breath poems. It's built like Herbert's "Easter Wings," starting with a pair of...
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Orange County Weekly reviews
Beneath the electric bill, discarded beer caps and spilled ashtray in the disaster I call my car, Impure-a collection of poetry by Whittier College prof and local...
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The Perils of Pleasure
Library Journal reviews
"A fiction fan doesn’t love all fiction, and an avid romance reader doesn’t love all romances. But Julie Anne Long is one author to recommend to anyone who...
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The Joy of Not Working - Cover.jpg
Road- to-Health.com reviews
The Joy of Not Working by Ernie Zelinski (Ten Speed Press). This book does not come up on Internet searches for retirement books. Why? Because "retirement...
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Alternative-Read reviews
[Magdalena Ball's] mind is a fountain of original ideas, expressed in conventional poetic format...That can only happen after years of struggle and hard work, when...
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Aaron Paul Lazar reviews
Magdalena Ball’s writing, insightful and deep, engages the reader from page one. Her characters linger long after the story resolves to its perfect conclusion....
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Book Pleasures reviews
The author’s control of the story is masterly; her insight combining with her exceptional narrative skills to write a story that...
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Shaggy Muses
Margaret Forster, author of Elizabeth Barrett Browning: The Life and Loves of a Poet reviews
I so enjoyed SHAGGY MUSES. It manages very successfully to bring into focus exactly why these dogs were important to these writers—an intriguing mixture of...
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Dance of the Pheasodile - front cover.JPG
Authonomy reviews
The first two chapters are the funniest start to a book I have ever encountered (well, I may exaggerate, but it felt like it). It keeps it up too. When our hero...
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Dance of the Pheasodile - front cover.JPG
Amazon.co.uk reviews
Set in my city (Hull) for the most part, this wonderful story starts off with our main character, Kieth, seeking help from a hypnotherapist to see if any past...
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The Prodigal Hour.jpg
Bibliobabes reviews
This book has got a really REALLY cool idea driving it; and while I was reading, I found myself thinking, "This would make and EPIC movie!"  So I definitely...
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Kirkus Reviews reviews
An American graduate student in India teams up with an intelligence agent and others to prevent a crisis that could spark bloody chaos. When Jill Rothchild, an...
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LizaWasHere blog reviews
Briccetti’s essay was a favorite for more personal reasons. I owe her and her family a debt of gratitude — they were pioneers in the effort to have same-sex second...
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Portraits in the Dark
http://www.bookgasm.com reviews
Perhaps Nancy O. Greene’s PORTRAITS IN THE DARK is about what you don’t see in the darkness. Her short vignettes try to shine some light on what we’re quick to...
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Dasha's Journal
The Psychologist, Vol. 22 reviews
Dasha, the feline narrator, is a witty cat-scientist. Her research focuses on Alex, an autistic boy, whose family has learned the hard way how best to accommodate...
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The Love We All Wait For
Shelf-Awareness reviews
Lee Doyle has written an engaging, and sometimes dark, coming-of-age story set in the Salinas Valley in 1975. Sheila O'Connor is 17, still mourning the death of...
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Those Green Things
CM: Canadian Review of Materials reviews
Kathy Stinson has done it again. She has got right inside the mind of a bored child pestering her mother and exercising her own imagination at the same time....
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Mantids, a new novel by Ron Dakron
The Fright Site reviews
[T]he book is lively and funny, with a spot-on portrayal of the Pacific Northwest punk subculture amid all the insanity--and really: perverted sex, punk rock,...
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