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In her thought-provoking book, The War on Choice, Gloria Feldt raises an alarm. Her intention is not to present a nuanced discussion regarding the abortion debate...
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Tourist Development Council's mothly newsletter reviews
KEY WEST BY THE BOOK By Carol Shaughnessy Florida Keys News Bureau From a literary standpoint, Key West is best known as the one-time home of Tennessee Williams...
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Huber final cover.jpg
Los Angeles Times reviews
“In every chapter, [Huber] weaves stories of her activist life with richly imagined scenes of her grandfather, reconstructing his life from anecdotes and...
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The Marin Independant Journal reviews
When Max Sindell was a kid, adults inundated him with books about how to cope with divorce. He remembers one: "The Dinosaurs Divorce," about Mommy and Daddy...
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The Book Connection reviews
THE RIVER, BY MOONLIGHT is a powerful, gripping story. Exquisitely written, filled with diverse, well developed characters, and brimming with rich descriptions,...
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nycBigCityLit_Reviews reviews
Margo Berdeshevsky achieves an unusual trinity in her first book of poems, But a Passage in Wilderness. The collection is wonderfully experimental, exceptionally...
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Dirty Words: A Literary Encyclopedia of Sex
Penthouse reviews
Ellen Sussman has compiled the outrageous book we all wish we could've snuck into our school bookbags. — Penthouse
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Dirty Words: A Literary Encyclopedia of Sex
Elle Magazine reviews
School's out, but you can still expand your mind and possibly your repertoire by picking up Ellen Sussman's DIRTY WORDS: A Literary Encyclopedia of Sex (Bloomsbury...
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Dirty Words: A Literary Encyclopedia of Sex
Self Magazine reviews
"sensual yet sophisticated" Provocative definitions and stories from noted writers can inform and inspire you.
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Dirty Words: A Literary Encyclopedia of Sex
Oprah's O Magazine reviews
A Handful of Lust ORGY IS A WORD that fills your mouth like a wild oyster that's just a little too big to (comfortably) swallow." That's one of many juicy-or...
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Deidre's Secret
WDRF reviews
Title: Deidre's Secret Author: Terry Lee Wilde Publisher: The Wild Rose Press YA Climbing Rosebud Rating: Sweet ISBN: 1-60154-414-6 I enjoyed the book very much...
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RAWSISTAZ Reviewers reviews
EVERLASTING is a stressful novel of terror, fear and street life that keeps the pages turning. Stacy-Deanne's characters are well developed and it is easy to see...
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UrbanhottnessBooks/Urbanfirebooks reviews
This is the first novel that I had read from this stupendous author; it took me awhile to actually pick up this novel, and I wish it didn’t take so long. If I...
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Publishers Weekly reviews
"Shame, spurned love and seething desire run through the sometimes-connected stories in Otis's adroit debut collection."
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January Magazine reviews
"This is 21st century fiction, perfectly rendered. Sometimes, it's so beautiful, it breaks your heart."
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Third Coast reviews
"His speakers are unrelenting in their quest to remain focused on life’s true and pure moments despite, or rather because of, their fear. Alex Lemon’s poems...
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The Entire Predicament
Rain Taxi reviews
"The Entire Predicament is fiercely strange and written with keen control. You don't read these stories: you undergo them. They are an event that is lived, not an...
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Liars Anonymous
Kirkus reviews
STARRED REVIEW “Ure (The Fault Tree, 2008, etc.) provides a meaty, twisty puzzle. But the real prize here is Jessie, a tough, conflicted heroine you won’t soon...
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The Peep Diaries: How We're Learning to Love Watching Ourselves and Our Neighbors
The Daily Loaf reviews
It’s strange not only what we share but how compulsive we have become about sharing. And it goes beyond sharing. In person, we can be private, almost secretive....
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The Witch's Beast Cover
Book Wenches reviews
This twisted turn on the classic story of Beauty and the Beast finds the tale from the witch’s point of view. The Witch, Saraphina, has been angered by Prince Amir...
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