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Provocaciones, Letters from the Prettiest Girl in Arvin
Tucson Weekly reviews
The "prettiest girl in Arvin," from the title of Rafaela's G. Castro's collection of personal essays, was sometimes called "Pablito" or "muchachito"--little Pablo...
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Dirty Words: A Literary Encyclopedia of Sex
Nylon Magazine reviews
Bookmark: DIRTY WORDS: A LITERARY ENCYCLOPEDIA OF SEX Shit. Piss. Fuck. Cunt. Cocksucker. Motherfucker. Tits. These were the seven obscenities which were the...
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Seabird (cover)
Amazon reviews
Narenta--the New Narnia, May 27, 2008 By Catherine Hassan The Pevensie children are no longer the only ones being pulled away from their lives on Earth in order...
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No One You Know
Booklist reviews
Heartbreaking and compelling…Richmond gracefully weaves in fascinating background material on the coffee culture and the field of mathematics as she thoughtfully...
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Retirement Planning: How to Retire Happy, Wild, and Free
MSNBC reviews
Golden Years Guide If dad is on the brink of retirement or has already retired, Ernie J. Zelinski’s new book will help him make the most of it. How to Retire...
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A Journey into Michelangelo's Rome
Sun Herald (South Mississippi) reviews
What inspires great artists and what are their contributions to the world? First-time author Angela Nickerson delves into this subject with her book, "A Journey...
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Publishers Weekly reviews
Theology is on trial in this extraordinary first novel, which alternates between courtroom transcripts and a first-person account by the heroine, Aslaug,...
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Geeks of Doom reviews
This issue fills me with hope for the following issues, as the story told is remarkably insightful, psychologically speaking. Actual thought has gone into the...
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Fantasy & Science Fiction May 1990 reviews
REVIEW OF FIRST EDITION: Dale Estey's The Elephant Talks to God is, first and foremost, a witty, satirical book about the relationship between mortals and an...
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Holtuncensored.com reviews
"...The speaker is Gloria Feldt, president of Planned Parenthood and author of the eye-opening and invaluable title, "Behind Every Choice Is a Story" (University...
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Cover USA.jpg
Examiner.com reviews
Remember Michael Crichton's The Terminal Man? A bit of mind-bending science mixed with some seriously intense scenes of blood and guts and horror? It worked like a...
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Cover USA.jpg
The Crowded Leaf reviews
“Upon arriving at the house, he paused to look at the statue of Venus one last time. No rainbow emanated from her shoulders and the cloudy, gray sky seemed to...
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Seduced by the Wolf.jpg
Library Journal reviews
Biologist Cassie Roux, a rare red lupus garou raised in the wild by real wolves, has devoted her life to keeping the wolves safe and her true identity secret. Now...
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Daughters of Empire.jpg
The Writers' Center reviews
In memoir, it can be dangerously easy to force a life that is, as most lives are, messy and non-linear into a sentimental and familiar plot structure. Satterfield...
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New York Times reviews
The individuals in Laura Glen Louis's ''Talking in the Dark'' may be Chinese-Americans new to the West Coast, but more than anything else they are characters for...
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Mornings with Mailer.jpg
The Oregonian reviews
"Throughout his final years, Mailer's mind was as sharp as ever and the work ethic that produced more than 40 books remained strong. He was also generous and...
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To Hell in a Handbasket by Beth Groundwater
Kirkus Reviews reviews
A family's ski vacation turns deadly when they find out their social connections are a little more connected than they thought. All gift-basket designer Claire...
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Lotus Eaters_hi res.jpg
Kirkus reviews
(STARRED) Soli, Tatjana THE LOTUS EATERS An impressive debut novel about a female photographer covering the Vietnam War. Helen Adams is an experienced...
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Library Journal reviews
Think Anne Sexton and Sylvia Plath as read by Dorothy Parker, and you'll hear the fine-always passionate, sometimes sexual-ironies that make up Beasley's...
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YouTube reviews
Dating in Miami can be a bit tough. Miami Beach native and author of How to Get Divorced by 30, Sascha Rothchild, gives us some friendly advice on how to take on...
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