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Beer, Blood & Cornmeal
WIRED.com reviews
A breezy and hilarious read, Beer, Blood & Cornmeal tells how a loose group of musicians, horror movie fans and a few actual professional wrestlers pushed...
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Seattle Peak Oil Awareness reviews
The Long Descent is one of the most highly anticipated peak oil books of the year, and it lives up to every ounce of hype. Greer is a captivating, brilliantly...
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The Suffocating Sea
Book List reviews
Detective Inspector Andy Horton is back in another hard-hitting police case. When a charred body is found on a boat in the local marina after a three-alarm fire,...
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Vox, University of Calgary reviews
Scott Holstad is a hard working young poet, whose first "real" book (read "perfect bound") has been nominated for the Pulitzer Prize in poetry. Which is not to say...
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Months and Seasons & Other Stories
Medieval Bookworm reviews
This moving collection of short stories covers a full range of life experiences. Short stories excel at conveying one particular emotion each, and Christopher...
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http://www.publishersweekly.com/article/CA6574322.html?q=Cool+Jew%3A+The+Ultimate+Guide+for+Every+Me reviews
Humor ANDREWS MCMEEL Cool Jew: The Ultimate Guide for Every Member of the Tribe (Sept., $12.99) by Lisa Alcalay Klug delivers the kosher response to The Preppy...
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The ART of WAR
Sonshi.com reviews
SONSHI.COM: You are the author of two interpretative books, "The Book of Five Rings" and "The Art of War". We are fascinated by them because they are from a true...
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The Fractured World
The Pedestal Magazine reviews
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Beer, Blood & Cornmeal
The Oregonian reviews
"...An epic and ribald account of seven years of Incredibly Strange Wrestling."
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Lupabitch reviews
Whether you’re pagan or not, whether you believe in progress, apocalypse, or some other potential future, and whether you’re a reader of Greer’s popular Archdruid...
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Clark's Eye on Books reviews
Louise Young’s debut novel, Seducing the Spirits, shows promising potential by a new author taking center stage in the literary world. Starting with a slow and...
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A Richer Dust.JPG
EW, PW, The Independent reviews
“Based loosely on D.H. Lawrence's 1924 pilgrimage to Taos, N.M., where he hoped to create an artists' utopia, Amy Boaz's diamond-cut debut, A Richer Dust, follows...
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The Witch's Beast Cover
You Gotta Read Reviews reviews
In the spirit of Gregory Macguire's Wicked, The Witch's Beast tells an old familiar tale from a different angle with a sexy spin. I thoroughly enjoyed this book...
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AMAZON reviews
I have read all of Steven Travers' books, about 17 by now, and this is the finest sportswriter - maybe the best writer, period - in the U.S. He is a wordsmith who...
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The Review Broads reviews
Poetic and lyrical, the novel aspires to create an impressive array of metaphor, mysticism, and reality within the juxtaposition of 8 protagonists, each depicting...
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The Magic Word
Biblio Reads Children's Book Review reviews
Very well done! I was very impressed with Sherrill Cannon's expert use of rhyme. Not only does the text flow smoothly and rhythmically, it weaves a story that...
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CHINA: Portrait of a People
China.Org reviews
"CHINA: Portrait of a People is a snapshot of an entire country in a time of great change; a truthful and touching portrayal of the Chinese people in all their...
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Silliman's Blog reviews
“One test of a book is how you feel about the writer & his or her work on completing the volume. In the case of Joseph Lease’s Broken World, I want to read...
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Chicago Tribune reviews
Hot Summer Read list.
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