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Mombian.com reviews
Book Review: The Maternal Is Political The Maternal Is PoliticalThe Maternal Is Political: Women Writers at the Intersection of Motherhood and Social Change, a...
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Retirement Planning: How to Retire Happy, Wild, and Free
The Telegraph - Calcutta India reviews
How to Retire Happy, Wild, and Free (Macmillan, Rs 295) by VIP BOOKS and distributed by National Book Network Ernie J. Zelinski provides "retirement wisdom that...
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Hurricane Breeze
Simply Romance Reviews reviews
This book is for anyone who tries and succeeds at breaking out their own self-imposed exile and finds their heart’s desire.
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Fallen Angels Reviews reviews
The development flows well and Greg and Amy’s reactions to would-be obstacles are refreshing, honest, and much more endearing for their realism. Readers looking...
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San Francisco Chronicle reviews
Model and artist walk a fine line A German and Israeli in exile form a bond, but each has baggage Reviewed by Charles Matthews Sunday, May 28, 2006 Blue Nude By...
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The Empowered Patient: Hundreds of life-saving facts, action steps and strategies you need to know
Amazon.com reviews
If you or a family member or loved friend is facing hospitalization or any invasive medical procedure, you MUST HAVE THIS BOOK to hand. The book advertises "...
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Dasha's Journal
BFK Books reviews
This is a very unusual way to look at Autism through the life and the eyes of a cat. The Cat Dasha is a very intellegent cat, and sees things and is able to put...
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NOWToronto.com reviews
1. THE SPEED OF LIGHT by Elizabeth Rosner (Ballantine) Finally, a powerful voice expressing the experience of the children of Holocaust survivors. Poet Rosner's...
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Philadelphia Inquirer reviews
BOOKS NOTEWORTHY NOVEL Strokes of truth on blank canvas Reviewed By Carlin Romano the Philadelphia Inquirer May 21, 2006 One thinks of modeling for artists as...
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Dirty Words: A Literary Encyclopedia of Sex
NPR.org reviews
NPR.org, July 2, 2008 · There are books, and then there are "Books We Like." Each week in Books We Like, our critics review their top picks for new fiction and...
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Armchair Interviews reviews
Upon his father’s death, Michael Tiernan inherits Oisin Pharmaceuticals. Originally, he is less than enthusiastic about this, but upon learning more details about...
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Daughters of Empire.jpg
The Journal of Family Life reviews
How do people negotiate their transitions to parenthood? Do they simply step into a role similar to what they have seen in sitcom families, mothers nurturing the...
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Waltzing Australia
The Compulsive Reader reviews
Clampitt's warm, evocative and open-hearted writing soon won me over. She has a particular gift for describing the natural world and her accounts of rainforests,...
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New Poems by Scott Owens
Poets' Quarterly reviews
Overall, this is a very hopeful book, despite the represented father’s own dysfunctional childhood. The issue of abuse is no surprise in Scott Owens’ work. His...
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Mornings with Mailer.jpg
Tender look at Mailer By Jan Gardner, Globe Correspondent January 31, 2010 Around Provincetown, Norman Mailer was known as a regular guy. He chatted with locals as...
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Mornings with Mailer.jpg
NECN reviews
Five minute televised interview with Raymond on his book, Mornings with Mailer
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Rundpinne reviews
...Captivating and masterful describe Cone’s work, and for those looking for an excellent historical fiction novel about one of the most interesting times in...
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BC Blogcritics reviews
Rothchild, a Los Angeles based writer, is promoting her recent book chronicling the small steps leading to a failed marriage.
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PINK magazine reviews
BLOOD STRANGERS is a memoir about making family with the people we love. It’s about three generations of adoption and absent fathers and two women raising two sons...
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Picture the Dead paperback.jpg
blog reviews
From GoodReads: Jennie’s connection with her twin brother, Toby, grew stronger after he died in 1864. Now Jennie must rely on her ability to communicate with the...
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