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Clover Doves
Amazon.com reviews
Plato: "We are prisoners of our perceptions"In times of great trauma our sensory systems may transcend their limits to allow us a glimpse at a little more of...
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Is This Tomorrow.jpg
Library Journal, Booklist, more reviews
  "Ava Lark, a divorced Jewish woman, and her 12-year-old son, Lewis, move into a WASPy 1950s Boston suburb only to be ostracized by their neighbors and...
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Odd Duck
The New York Times reviews
What makes for a good old ordinary duck? Is it eating “everyday duck pellets”? Checking out “A History of Good Ducks” from the library? Theodora thinks so, and...
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Amazon. ca reviews
**** Capable of Entertaining, April 10 2013 By Cheryl LandmarkThis review is from: Capable of Murder (A Belinda Lawrence Mystery) (Kindle Edition) I really...
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Undercurrent - No. 9 in the DI Andy Horton Mystery Series
Publishers Weekly reviews
In British author Rowson’s sturdy ninth police procedural featuring Det. Insp. Andy Horton (after 2012’s Death Lies Beneath), Horton investigates the death of...
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Come, Thief
The Christian Science Monitor reviews
  Subscribe and save 75 %   Come, Thief Jane Hirshfield's poetry gives eloquent voice to moments, creatures, and landscapes often overlooked....
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Birds of Paradise Lose
Chicosol.com reviews
  By Lindajoy Fenley © chicoSol  posted April 5 Andrew Lam's short story collection, "Birds of Paradise Lost," lured me into a labyrinth of past and...
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"Beatrice's Mirror," by Melissa Morphew
http://www.chapter16.org/ reviews
"Marilyn Kallet’s new collection of wry, mostly romantic poems, The Love That Moves Me, takes its title from a line in Dante: “Amor mi mosse, che mi fa parlare...
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Amazon reviews
***** Cosy village mystery, 28 Mar 2013 By chubbagrubb - See all my reviewsAmazon Verified PurchaseThis review is from: Capable of Murder (A Belinda Lawrence...
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In One Person.jpg
The New York Times reviews
“We are formed by what we desire,” says Billy Dean, the fatherless narrator and chief hero of John Irving’s 13th novel, “In One Person.” Irving likes to track his...
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Race With The Devil
Brian Setzer, Grammy-winning guitarist reviews
I loved it! I couldn't put it down!
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Brightest_Moon_Kindle thumbnail_400.jpg
Book Club Classics reviews
Last year I read and reviewed a short story collection by Meeks which I enjoyed but was left wanting more. I loved his character development and was disappointed...
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The Stubborn Season
Quill & Quire reviews
"Lauren Davis’s debut novel, The Stubborn Season, is as close as you'd want to get to the Depression without being there ... meticulous research informs...
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Revenant Road
Chaotic Compendiums reviews
Revenant Road is very entertaining.  It's funny, gross, macabre, imaginative, brutal, silly, and all those other adjectives that describe a good read.  ...
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Dying Unfinished
KIRKUS ReviewsDecember 15, 2008 A lyrical novel that takes place over three generations and that reminds us of the arduousness, and even desolation, of love...
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Teardrops and Tiny Trailers by Douglas Keister
New York Times reviews
Virtually every page is colorfully illustrated with historic teardrops and, notably, the interesting vehicles used to tow them. His text is not without its charms...
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Pearl Jacket and Other Stories: Flash Fiction from Contemporary China
The Globe Corner Bookstore reviews
"The Pearl Jacket and Other Stories is full of short-shorts with this biting irony or crisp, cruel social criticism. However, it also shares with the readers...
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Send Yourself Roses: Thoughts on My Life, Love, and Leading Roles
About.com - Women's Issues reviews
You can just tell from the roles she's chosen throughout her career that actress Kathleen Turner isn't in it for the glamour. For her, it's about the work. Yet as...
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Kill-Grief by Caroline Rance
Farm Lane Books reviews
This book transports you straight into the horrors of an 18th century English hospital. The problem was that I’m not sure it is a place I ever want to witness! The...
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Joyfully Reviewed reviews
Wolf Fever is a fiery hot exciting novel! Action abounds from the first page keeping you engrossed. Carol and Ryan’s connection is sizzling. These two are...
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