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The New York Times Book Review, Fiction Chronicle reviews
THIS LIFE SHE'S CHOSEN: Stories. By Kirsten Sundberg Lunstrum. (Chronicle, $19.95.) Kirsten Sundberg Lunstrum makes an impressive debut with this collection of...
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Internet/Blogspot reviews
"Lunstrum’s writing reminds us that short stories are far from a lost art. Capable of entrancing more than any tome could, each story in Swimming with Strangers...
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Leading Lady
Anthony Scaduto Reviews reviews
So here comes Heywood Gould again with another exciting tale. Gould, author of "Fort Apache, The Bronx," "Boys From Brazil" and other novels and...
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Leading Lady
New Great Books That Are A Must Read reviews
As many readers know, I love a good thriller/mystery. Some are your conspiracy, big government types where the main character is a rogue agent trying to save...
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The Wolf and The Lamb by Rosy Cole
Kirkus Reviews/Discoveries reviews
Jane Austen meets Bleak House in an engaging historical novel about the demands of marriage in late 18th-century England. The first installment in a proposed...
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The Jewish Magazine, Toronto reviews
Cool Jew will have you proud to be a Heebster. Or wishing you were one.
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Al Young reviews
"Not only do Tennessee Reed's refreshing poems concern themselves with a range of concerns-from global travel, and the stunning achievements of Bessie Coleman,...
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Simon Ortiz reviews
"She is a brand new star in the galaxy of our spirit-shining for all of our people."
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Victor H. Cruz reviews
"This is a positive solid assertive poetic truths coming from where language makes it-language which was before us and will be after us-manifesting its power...
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Adrienne Kennedy reviews
"I admire your poems very much...your exceptional imagination and profusion of imagery, your spirit, your perceptions, your sensibility. I treasure your book and...
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Austenblog reviews
"illuminating and at times hilarious and touching"
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Chicago Sun-Times (Q&A) reviews
Call it a girl thing. There's just something special about female friendships -- girlfriends who are there for you through thick and thin, no matter what. Much of...
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USA Weekend reviews
In his just-out "The Girls From Ames," Zaslow uses his reporter's skills to investigate the often-fraught subject of friendship -- specifically, the lifelong bonds...
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Steven Travers offers a multitude of game facts. Gridiron Gauntlet: The Story of the Men Who Integrated Pro Football, in Their...
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Out -numbered 3 to 1 reviews
Irene dos Santos disappeared at age 15. Believed to have drowned while on holiday with her best friend, Lily Martinez, her body was never found. Now, years later,...
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Our Farm: By the Animals of Farm Sanctuary
Literago: Literate Chicago reviews
The whole book feels carefree and springy, artful in a loosey-goosey (sorry) way. (I will not be at all surprised to find it on prominent display at Anthropologie...
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Gently Read Literature reviews
Andrew Demcak opens yet more vistas into that seductive world he continues to create in his new book of poems a single hurt color. And even for the polished...
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Santa's Birthday Gift
Portland Book Reviews and also American Chronicle reviews
When reading the Christmas story, does your child often ask …where does Santa Claus fit into all this? Well, now we have the answer with Sherrill Cannon´s fun...
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Muriel's War: An American Heiress in the Nazi Resistance
  “Terrible times can elicit extraordinary deeds even from ordinary people, and Muriel Gardner was anything but ordinary … If some portion of Gardiner’s...
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