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You Don't Know Me: A Citizen's Guide to Republican Family Values
the Portland Mercury reviews
"Each entry is breezily written and the snarky alphabetical headings provide a bit of levity...it's impossible not to applaud McCormack's effort to understand what...
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Restitution Cover1.full width.jpg
Faringdon Folly reviews
Restitution--a new novel by Eliza Graham "People are like rivers, they have no nationality but take on the nature of the terrain they pass through. No human spirit...
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A Gathering of Doorways
The Worlds of Paul Jessup reviews
[New Urban Fantasy horror novel Gathering of Doorways] Is really, really awesome. And scary as all hell. The land of the undercity is described in painstakingly...
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Dying Unfinished
Tertulia Magazine www.tertuliamagazine.com reviews
Maria Espinosa’s fourth novel Dying Unfinished can be easily misclassified as a prequel to Longing (Arte Publico, 1999). The same cast of characters plays out in...
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Amazon reviews
The Complete Idiot's Guide to Managing Your Money shows that any numbskull can master personal finance. In this second edition, a father-and-daughter writing team...
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Chater comps rev5.jpg
Publisher's Weekly reviews
As a young child, freelance writer Chater learned from her parents that the reforms of Vatican II brought “the Smoke of Satan” into the Roman Catholic Church. Then...
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Washington Post reviews
"The plot of Small Crimes is a thing of beauty: spare but ingeniously twisted and imbued with a glossy coating of black humor. Zeltserman takes up all the familiar...
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14 cropped (3).jpg
Chicago Tribune reviews
Fans of intelligently written, intricately crafted thrillers should definitely check out J.T. Ellison's latest Taylor Jackson novel, "14." This sequel to 2007's "...
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"The second novel from Craig McDonald may be even more extraordinary than his critically acclaimed debut "Head Games," which was a 2008 Edgar Award finalist for...
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Book Divas reviews
"In all honesty, The Dust of 100 Dogs can be summed up on one word: spectacular. I am not kidding when I say this novel blew my mind."
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The Possibility of Everything
www.fully-caffeinated.blogspot.com reviews
Amazing author, mother, wife and human, Hope Edelman, has a new book coming out, THE POSSIBILITY OF EVERYTHING. Can enough be made of that title alone? It's the...
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Barn Owl Review reviews
Sandra Beasley’s debut is bold and seductive, the kind of book you’d be drawn to even if you hadn’t seen it on the shelf wedged between Charles Baudelaire and...
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Peter and the Whimper-Whineys
Beautiful Books for Children reviews
We all like to pretend that our children always use those sweet and innocent voices that make our hearts melt. But the truth is, that sometimes they have been...
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Tantric Zoo: A Bud Warhol Mystery
http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/76067 reviews
Rob Loughran's great sense of humor and place shine through in this fun read. The well named detective Bud Warhol and odd assortment of characters kept me going...
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Mail & Guardian reviews
"One is thrown ... into the heart of the action, in a state of dread and fascination induced by the dire events, the ­pristine setting and the perfection of...
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Hurricane Breeze
Simply Romance Reviews reviews
This book is for anyone who tries and succeeds at breaking out their own self-imposed exile and finds their heart’s desire.
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Publisher's Weekly reviews
Powered by Cassella's 25 years in the medical field, this nicely wrought debut follows the travails of an experienced Seattle anesthesiologist after an eight-year-...
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The Big Splash
Kliatt reviews
"Let me clue you into something, kid…Justice is a snack," I said. "You get justice, and five minutes later you realize you're still hungry. Revenge, on the other...
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November 22, 1963
RIchmond Times-Dispatch reviews
"This is fiction of course, but it has the ring of truth...And it is both painful and fascinating, like rubbernecking at an accident, to watch. With an audacity of...
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The Entire Predicament
Publishers Weekly reviews
"A wide range of bizarre disquisitions and turns of events marks Corin's debut collection. The narrator of 'Wizened' declares that she 'became crotchety' at age 24...
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