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Dasha's Journal
NCMA reviews
I know a very small amount about autism and from this point of view it was very enlightening. It was an interesting perspective, reading as if a cat had written it...
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Fat Cover.jpg
The Boston Globe reviews
Jennifer McLagan's cookbooks are joyously contrarian affairs. In 2005, she published the finger-licking and terrific "Bones." Now she has "Fat." This is no quick-...
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Fat Cover.jpg
New York Times reviews
I’m so over being lectured by food writers to honor the seasons and stock up on sea salt and otherwise comport myself virtuously in the kitchen that it was a small...
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Whispers From God
San Francisco Chronicle reviews
Pat Montandon packs 'em in at Litquake event Surprisingly, on a rather cold Monday night, the queue outside the Swedish American Hall for Litquake's Porch Light...
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Lit Windowpane
Wild Goose Poetry Review reviews
Spare, quiet, minimal in its approach, Suzanne Frischkorn’s new collection of poetry, Lit Windowpane, beautifully illustrates the power poetry has to say a great...
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Wisconsin State Journal reviews
"The best new crime writer in the country is a guy named Craig McDonald..."
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Chater comps rev5.jpg
Library Journal reviews
In her first book, Chater takes readers through her childhood in the 1970s with a dogmatic father who believes the reforms of Vatican II will cause an apocalypse...
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LUFT NUR - book cover with a drawing by Robert Schöffmann (Austrian painter)
(...) Bozena Intrator's prose is like a series of small paintings or photographs: literary snapshots of life in Warsaw, Vienna and New York, (...), portraying...
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LUFT NUR - book cover with a drawing by Robert Schöffmann (Austrian painter)
(...) Clila is the heroine of a novel written by an author of great sensitivity. (...) The reader accompanies her on a journey, drawn into a gently woven womanly...
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Profesor of Media and Public Affairs, GW University reviews
From Carl Stern, JD Professor of Media and Public Affairs, George Washington University, and former NBC News correspondent "A well-written, fascinating story about...
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Vienna Triangle Cover
Confrontation Issue No. 102/103 - Winter 08/Spring 09 reviews
from page 219-220 This novel dares to combine the texture of insight that fiction brings with the solidity of research that imposes a hierarchy of factual priority...
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Niagara This Week reviews
The Alchemy of Loss is frank, open and chatty and begs the reader to keep reading. The author does not gloss over the unpleasant parts, including times when she...
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Pique Newsmagazine, Whistler CA reviews
Good skiing, good food and good drink. Somewhere along the way, that trinity has more or less replaced sex, drugs and rock ’n’ roll as my most frequently enjoyed...
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The Peep Diaries: How We're Learning to Love Watching Ourselves and Our Neighbors
Now Magazine reviews
Hal Niedzviecki’s new book coins the term “peep culture” and harnesses a ton of research – as well as his impressive analytical skills – in a way that’s sure to...
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Bones of Summer book cover.jpg
Jessewave Book Reviews reviews
To be honest I'm a little nervous as to whether what I'm going to write now will actually do this book justice. It was that good. So good, in fact, that I may run...
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Morbid Cvrs-new.jpg
Morbid Outlook reviews
How did Morbid Curiosity get started? Is there a particular story behind its conception you would like to share? When I first moved to San Francisco in 1988, my...
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Do They Know I'm Running?
Booklist reviews
Starred Review: "[I]n this powerful, evocative, character-driven novel, [Corbett] has written what should be a breakout success. . . Readers who devour and then...
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National Geographic Traveler reviews
A nice mention in a great publication.
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Next Stop: A Memoir of Family
Wired.com's Geek Mom reviews
It’s always fascinating to read about struggles that I’ve never faced myself. We’ve had several posts on GeekMom that were related to autism and raising autistic...
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Shadow: The Curious Morgan Horse
Horsemen's Yankee Pedlar reviews
"Popular children's author Ellen Feld has given kids another reason to turn off the TV and pick up a book. The story of Shadow is a heart-warming tale of an...
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