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Vienna Triangle Cover
The Rumpus reviews
The creation of an historical work of fiction is problematic at best; populating a balanced narrative with well-known personages requires a writer who takes...
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Manchester Evening News, Exeter Express & Echo, South Wales Argus (UK) reviews
"Poignant story of human failings makes an easy read." "The book makes some poignant comments about the taboos surrounding death."    
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The Universe Want to Play
Fortean Times reviews
The editors of The Anomalist (Patrick Huyghe and Dennis Stacy) published the previous issue (number 11) of their hugely successful periodic journal in digital form...
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The Lost Daughter of Happiness
"The Image of History: The Literary Presentation of the Early History of Chinese American in Yan Gel reviews
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Book Cover, designed by the Author
Art Silverblatt, Publizistik Journal, Dec 2006, page 551 reviews
“Alan Taylor’s penetrating study examines how the U.S. media shape the public discourse and, consequently, American foreign policy… Taylor identifies how cross-...
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Brightest_Moon_Kindle thumbnail_400.jpg
Amazon.com reviews
Christopher Meeks has produced up to now two of the finest, most intelligent, entertaining, and socially sensitive collections of short stories: THE MIDDLE-AGED...
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Dying Unfinished
LIBRARY JOURNAL December, 2008 Espinosa's new novel portrays Jewish American mother and daughter Eleanor and Rosa over several decades, from the 1940s to the...
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Dying Unfinished
KIRKUS ReviewsDecember 15, 2008 A lyrical novel that takes place over three generations and that reminds us of the arduousness, and even desolation, of love...
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"Shelf Life", Minnesota Parent (February 2009) reviews
"Somewhere in the process of advocating for his daughter’s undaunted spirit, Robert comes to believe in himself as a father. Schuyler’s Monster paints a haunting...
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Neurology Today, American Academy of Neurology reviews
"For doctors, this book reminds us that children with developmental disabilities also need to be challenged, just as neurotypical children do, so that they can...
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A Real Basket Case
Kirkus Reviews reviews
"Drugs and jealousy add up to a Rocky Mountain murder. Claire Hanover, a Colorado Springs empty-nester whose husband Roger's self-image is tied to climbing the...
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101 Ways to Dance
CM: Canadian Review of Materials reviews
Award-winning Canadian author Kathy Stinson has compiled a group of 14 short stories which all focus on teen sexuality and which seem guaranteed to foster...
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American Booksellers Association reviews
"A road trip in reverse: a San Francisco gutter punk travels east to the heartland, the Great Plains. Girl, the gender queer narrator, would give Kerouac a run for...
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good dog
Meridian Magazine reviews
Do you like dogs? Do you know much about these canine animals? Good Dog, by Maya Gottfried, will not only enlighten you to the behavior of 16 very different...
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The Trouble with Rules
School Library Journal reviews
"Readers will empathize with the protagonist and may see themselves in her as she struggles with peer relationships. Refreshingly, Nadie develops her own "rules"...
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Perihelion reviews
Jane Satterfield's first book of poems, Shepherdess with an Automatic, confronts the reader with soft-spoken juxtapositions. In the fine, lush field of her work...
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Winning the Highlander's Heart
Viewpoint Reviews reviews
18 2009 Here is why I loved this book: The author (Terry Spear) has a gift of making it easy to imagine yourself in another place and time while you get to know...
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BookReporter.com reviews
David Parry is a wealthy and successful rock-and-roll manager living his dream in a mansion in Bel Air. His knack for discovering talent and foreseeing trends has...
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New Consciousness Review reviews
"Deep in every heart is a wellspring of wisdom...Our heart's wisdom comes to us as universal images and symbols...Guided Imagery is a process that focuses our...
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The Washington Post reviews
"The end result of his endeavor is less an illustrated novel than a series of eerie, high art interpretations."
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