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The Art of Living
Soriaymas.com reviews
Editorial Kairós ha publicado, en formato cuadrangular, un singular libro con aportaciones de destacadas personalidades de diversos ámbitos y países. Los...
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The Art of Living
QueLibroleo.com reviews
El arte de vivir congrega a destacadas personalidades de distintas culturas del mundo, que comparten su visión y sus sentimientos sobre las cuestiones de la vida...
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BOOKLIST reviews
Nugent, a sailor and a rambunctious travel writer, lived in New Bedford, Massachusetts, for 17 years, collecting the edgy stories that fuel this transfixing...
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Vallum Magazine reviews
Review by Maxianne Berger The Infinity Sessions, by T.R. Hummer (Baton Rouge: Louisiana State University Press, 2005, $19.95 US) One of my early creative writing...
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Race for a New Game Machine
BusinessWeek.com reviews
The Good: The inside story of how the chip for Sony's Playstation3 video game system got created. The Bad: To advance the narrative, the authors must traverse some...
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Pagan Book Reviews reviews
Even those who aren’t specifically interested in druidry may want to take a good look at this book. The meditation section, for example, has a series of practices...
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The Art of Living
RevistaFusion.com reviews
Desde las páginas de esta cuidada edición Mijaíl Gorvachov nos habla del optimismo que le impulsa a no aceptar lo establecido, la psicoterapeuta Arvick Baghramian...
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Vienna Triangle Cover
Laura Gonzalez reviews
There is a genre called psychoanalytic fiction and I have recently read two examples. The first one was Jed Rubenfeld’s The interpretation of murder; the second...
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Chater comps rev5.jpg
Foreword Magazine reviews
Chater, a widely published essayist, gives us an impressionistic portrait of a family immersed in extreme Catholic traditionalism. Written from the perspec-tive of...
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What I Love About You
Contra Costa Times reviews
The economy's taking a hit. Doesn't mean Cupid has to. Last month, the National Retail Federation reported that Americans plan to spend 16 percent less on their...
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Vitesis.com reviews
Reading a book about depression and suicide has the potential for being depressing or overwhelming. This one is filled with hope.
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Nox Dormienda (jacket cover)
Gumshoe Review reviews
Stanley has given us a rich tapestry of a world with depth of color and detail that makes the Londinium of 83 A.D. come alive. Each character has a backstory that...
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Confessions ppbk
Times-Picayune reviews
"...a delightful comic romp...Jane Austen makes a cameo appearance that is pure pleasure."
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The Agony Column: Book Commentary, Reviews, Podcasts reviews
'Woodsburner' fires off from a real incident in Thoreau's life. In 1844, a year before he built the cabin on Walden Pond, Thoreau managed to accidentally start a...
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http://www.stupidranger.com reviews
Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this book and will definitely read it again. I highly recommend this to anyone who enjoys stories of the Realms.
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The Boston Globe reviews
THIS ONE IS MINE By Maria Semple Semple pokes fun at the overprivileged in "This One Is Mine." It's been done again and again, of course, but Semple, a former...
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The Adirondacks: A History of America's First Wilderness
New York Times reviews
But ''The Adirondacks'' is not primarily about politics, or philosophy. Mr. Schneider, who has written for such publications as Audubon and Esquire, is first and...
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www.blogcritics.org reviews
As the reader, you will find yourself unable to avoid the seduction and allure created by the author, Louise Young, who has a natural sensitivity and suavity for...
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In Envy Country: Stories
San Francisco Chronicle Book Review reviews
Bay Area writer Joan Frank's fourth work of fiction, the very readable new collection "In Envy Country," is also a prize winner (the Richard Sullivan Prize in...
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