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Publisher's Weekly reviews
Jack Wakes Up Seth Harwood. Three Rivers, $13.95 paper (304p) ISBN 978-0-307-45435-5 Readers who like their hard-boiled crime fiction violent and gritty will cheer...
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Hootcat Hill Paperback--coming March 2009
Bookwitch Blog reviews
The badger sent me’, says Linnet’s friend Petroc by way of explanation, when he turns up unexpectedly in the middle of Lucy Coats’s book Hootcat Hill. I just can’t...
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H-Net Reviews reviews
Boomhower's account of Grissom's life in Gus Grissom: The Lost Astronaut crafts just such as image of Grissom--a heroic Hoosier everyman. The nation's astronauts...
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Deadly Liaisons
Literary Nymphs reviews
Title: Deadly Liaisons Author: Terry Spear Publisher: Samhain Publishing Publisher URL: http://samhainpublishing.com/ ISBN: 9781605042404 Genre: Paranormal...
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Winning the Highlander's Heart
Viewpoint Reviews reviews
18 2009 Here is why I loved this book: The author (Terry Spear) has a gift of making it easy to imagine yourself in another place and time while you get to know...
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Forgetting English
Mark Kramer, Founding Director and Writer-in-Residence, Nieman Program on Narrative Journalism, Harv reviews
“Midge Raymond turns her elegant, austere sentences precisely, forcing unmediated, intimate connection with readers of her exotic tales. It's nothing short of...
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Forgetting English
John Keeble, author of Nocturnal America reviews
“Midge Raymond’s exquisitely written stories turn on relationships, and not just of one kind — between lovers, yes, but also within families, between sisters,...
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Forgetting English
Melanie Rae Thon, author of First, Body and Sweet Hearts reviews
“When you forget English, you might learn to speak the forbidden language of your sister’s Tongan lover — you might find you understand the sweet murmur of the...
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Forgetting English
Literate Chicks Book Reviews reviews
"I thoroughly enjoyed Raymond's slender new book of eight short travel stories. Each piece is about a modern day individual going through a personal transition of...
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Vienna Triangle Cover
www.libraryjournal.com/ reviews
Webster, Brenda. Vienna Triangle. Wings. 2009. 228p. ISBN 978-0-916727-50-5. pap. $16.95. F Verdict: Webster effectively uses her knowledge of psychology, also...
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SCS Cover
The Agony Column reviews
What could easily be one of the smartest, coolest and best anthologies to show up in 2004 . . . This is one of those rockin' really weird Rick-books that you...
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A Journey intto the Transcendentalists' New England
Library Journal reviews
The third title in the ArtPlace series continues the publisher’s mission to incorporate biography, art and history into travel guides. This well-researched volume...
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DreamingWolf_R4 1.jpg
Larissa's Reviews reviews
So Awesome! This is exactly what i love the most about long term Paranormal Romance series, getting to revisit groups of...
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To  Hide in the Light
First Draft, The Journal of the Alabama Writers' Forum reviews
"Things known in Roberts's world are as familiar to most Southerners as dirt, a favorite topic of hers, her presentation of the quotidian so immediate and sensual...
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Book Cover - Time Will Tell
goodreads.com reviews
I just finished 'Time Will Tell' and I thoroughly enjoyed it. This is a touching memoir of Parent / Child, Family and Friendship / Relationships. It is a chronicle...
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Huber final cover.jpg
H-Net (Humanities and Social Sciences Online) reviews
Huber's novel reflects her poignant, sincere, moving effort to connect with a grandfather she never knew and a world she could only hope to imagine. All along, she...
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Rebel: The Life and Times of John Singleton Mosby
Village Voice Literary Supplement reviews
Siepel's book is decent, solid, popular biography, organizing the facts of a dramatic life into clear, easily assimilated episodes. Even the baldness of his style...
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Wonderful Tricks
Indiana Review reviews
Gregory Spatz, Wonderful Tricks. Minneapolis, Minnesota: Mid-List Press, 2002. $15.00 paper (ISBN 0-922811-55-5), 247 pages. Reviewed by Kate Harding In “Stone...
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THE HEALING POWER OF GRIEF: The Journey Through Loss to Life & Laughter by Gloria Lintermans & Marilyn Stolzman, Ph.D., L.M.F.T.
Letter reviews
"As the CEO of a mortuary and memorial park many grief recovery books cross my desk each year. All too often these books contain essential information but the...
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http://www.raintaxi.com/online/2002spring/hummer.shtml reviews
In his previous collection, Walt Whitman in Hell, T. R. Hummer contrasted Whitman's idealistic lyrics of America with visions of a blighted nation, culminating in...
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