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Hellas Thumbnail
RPG.net reviews
HELLAS works because it is consistent with its goal of making a space opera game along the lines of classic Greek heroism, with the setting creating sensible...
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Dead Man's Wharf
Kirkus reviews
Dead Man's Wharf is a starred review. ‘Rowson turns out an exemplary procedural with the requisite plot twists, double-crosses and all loose ends tied up neatly in...
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Armchair Reviews reviews
Open the pages of When Danger Calls, and step into an action-filled journey you can’t escape... It’s like Barbie meets Wolverine. Two totally different worlds...
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The Missing Ink by Karen E. Olson
Darque Reviews reviews
The Missing Ink is suspenseful, entertaining from the start, and has a touch of romance that nicely rounds out the story.
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The Missing Ink by Karen E. Olson
Publishers Weekly reviews
The Painted Lady, a tattoo shop in contemporary Las Vegas, and its owner, artist turned tattooist Brett Kavanaugh, are central to this pleasantly jargon-free...
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Small Press Review reviews
As soon as you open WORD DANCING, Jeanne Powell's craftswomanship and power draw you in and keep you reading until the final syllable. Each word feels carefully...
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The Bones of Summer by Anne Brooke
Unique Logophilos website reviews
Ms Brooke stares unflinchingly at the dark underbelly of every day existence, and makes it uncomfortably real ...
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A Brief History of Time
Gently Read Literature, July 2009 issue reviews
A Brief History of Time by Shaindel Beers reveals her tensions at the duplicity of her life which finds her sometimes stuck back on the Midwestern farm of her...
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The Peep Diaries: How We're Learning to Love Watching Ourselves and Our Neighbors
The Winnipeg Free Press reviews
The Peep Diaries How We're Learning to Love Watching Ourselves and Our Neighbors By Hal Niedzviecki City Lights, 296 pages, $18 IS the Internet turning North...
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April & Oliver
Publisher’s Weekly reviews
Publisher’s Weekly - June 15, 2009 April & Oliver Tess Callahan. Grand Central, $23.99 (326p) ISBN 9780446540599 In this memorable debut, Callahan offers a...
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CSI Librarian Review Blog reviews
...the writing, uniqueness, and creativity were solid throughout. I was always engaged and pleasantly surprised by the way the tales developed. I never felt that...
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God Particle
Goodreads reviews
...this was an incredibly fast-paced book, filled with enough scientific data to give the story credibility, and a "villain" unlike any you've encountered before!
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January Magazine reviews
...Hellmann builds a complex web of deceit and treachery. It’s not uncommon for writers, particularly crime writers, to paint an almost Stepford Wives picture of...
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Mediterranean Summer hardcover
Chow.com reviews
The personal chef journal is everywhere these days (thank you, Anthony Bourdain). Haven’t got your fill? Here’s a new twist: a chef on a boat. Mediterranean Summer...
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Genesis Machines
The Guardian reviews
"Fascinating... Amos describes such experiments beautifully, combining laboratory drama with technical explanations. His lucid and punchy prose conveys a...
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HEROES ARISE by Laurel Anne Hill
Giant Steps reviews
This isn't an 'easy' fantasy. The author doesn't try to couch it in a familiar culture or in everyday trappings that allow the reader to slide gently into the...
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Holtuncensored.com reviews
What inspires me about Feldt's book is that she devotes the last 100 pages to "Fighting Forward: A New Pro-Choice Crusade," in which she lays out a blueprint for...
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Harley's Ninth
VOYA reviews
Harley Columba first appeared in Harley, Like a Person (Winslow, 2000/VOYA October 2000) where readers were introduced to her very difficult family life-her...
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Publishers Weekly reviews
"Tinged with mysticism, this artfully told story should appeal to fans…”
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An Enviromystery
The Hindu reviews
It is a full moon night. The Green Ghost sends blood curdling cries and romps around with thunder-like din. Monika, who is on a holiday to Nainital to visit her...
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