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The Possibility of Everything
Perceptive Travel reviews
“What do you believe in?” Uzi asked me one night. “I’m a card-carrying member of the Church of the Senses,” I said. “I have to see to believe.” “No, I’...
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The Possibility of Everything
Entertainment Weekly reviews
When this California mom (and author of the 1994 best-seller Motherless Daughters) finds her 3-year-old suddenly in the grip of a very hostile imaginary friend,...
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The Possibility of Everything
Guernica Magazine reviews
Hope Edelman’s memoir, The Possibility of Everything, out this week, wooed me completely. Edelman, who wrote Motherless Daughters and Motherless Mothers, best...
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Winter of Secrets
Publishers Weekly reviews
Starred Review. The discovery early one Christmas morning of the bodies of best friends Jason Wyatt-Yarmouth and Ewan Williams, two privileged young men from...
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Ritual's Cover
http://romancebookscene.blogspot.com/2009/09/romance-book-review-rituals.html reviews
This quick read novella gives readers a delightful look at light bondage. Both Maddie and Ryan are great characters having a great time exploring the new world...
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ParaNormal Romance Reviews reviews
This tale has more twists and turns with every page. Not only is there a mystery of who the real murderer is, there is also a mystery surrounding Tessa and her...
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The Singers of nevya
Publisher's Weekly reviews
"A rich story of cultural revolution. The singers of the ice planet Nevya use their musical psi-powers to hold back the deadly cold. In Sing the Light, young...
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The Evolution of Shadows
Waging Peace blog at timesunion.com reviews
Malott’s novel is a sparely written and stark depiction of three people and a nation confronting the horrors of war.
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Felix Palma reviews
"H. G. Wells meets the Computer Age in this fascinating variation on the time-travel theme. A dazzling succession of plots, adventures and hairpin turns, smoothly...
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Dreaming in Darkness
Sacramento/San Francisco Book Review reviews
“Jessica Kristie dazzles in this new collection of poems. … each section in this collection starts off slow and staccato and builds slowly as time moves on,...
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Suspended Heart cover
Gently Read Literature reviews
Heather Fowler is Kafka in drag, an American Marquez. If you are looking for a safe little book, one that lines up neatly with other short story collections...
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A Highland Werewolf Wedding
Book List reviews
In her newest novel chronicling the lives of the MacNeill werewolf brothers, Spear (A Howl for a Highlander...
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Months and Seasons & Other Stories
Caribousmom reviews
Christopher Meeks's stories are full of people who push through the obstacles of life and overcome their deepest fears in order to find joy in living. "Months and...
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Bitten by Books reviews
Three centuries of life gives a girl perspective and a lot of time to try out interesting occupations. For Zara Lain being an assassin with a bit of thievery on...
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Publisher's Weekly Blog reviews
Ryan Harper is an agent of blackthorne dealing with a conspiracy that seems to be unfolding around him. Speculation puts Ryan in question of being the leak. He...
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Boiling Point
RT Book Reviews reviews
"Dionne's follow-up to Freezing Point delivers more science thrills. The narrative flows well, the characters are sharp and the setting is explosive. While the...
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Historical Novel Review reviews
Donna Russo Morin has written a majestic novel, breathtaking in its prose, and sweeping in its scope, about 17th century Venice at the height of its glory. What...
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Amazon reviews
I really prefer to read action and adventure or mysteries, but I picked this up at the recommendation of a friend and soon found myself taken in by the story and...
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The Bostons
The New York Times reviews
It has been 40 years or so since the Boston and Maine Railroad carried passengers as well as freight, and 181 years since Boston governed Maine, then part of...
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