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Diary of a Witness
School Library Journal reviews
Ernie and Will stick together to minimize or deflect the regular bullying aimed at them by a cruel group of five jocks. Ernie’s mom and his Uncle Max provide a...
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Diary of a Witness
Booklist reviews
Ernie knows the rules of survival in his high school: never look the bullies in the eye, and don’t look behind you. Ernie, who tips the scales at 242 pounds, and...
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Diary of a Witness
The Bulletin reviews
Teenage Ernie is overweight, his mother's matching physique and love of food make it hard for him to diet, and he's the target of a cruel group of jocks. But his...
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Book List reviews
“Don't piss anyone off.” That is the direction given to graduate student Jenny Dunfree by her boss as he sends her off to live in a jungle near the Colombian...
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Foreword Magazine reviews
Derr-Smith takes us everywhere: Damascus, Iowa, Berlin, the Boundary Waters, Chicago, Virginia, Cairo, Sam?s Club. And everywhere she goes, she paints a world rich...
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National Post reviews
Halfway through The Day the Falls Stood Still, a first novel by Toronto author Cathy Marie Buchanan, I thought it might be a worthy companion to Timothy Findley’s...
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Amazon.com Customer Reviews reviews
"Nothing is subtle. On the other hand, neither was Jonathan Swift in his classic GULLIVER'S TRAVELS. Mr. Curzon holds up the looking glass in order that we -- at...
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"Kanji Clinic" column reviews
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED Whether you have just embarked on your kanji-learning adventure, are approaching the “kanji guru” stage, or--like most foreign adult kanji...
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The Evolution of Shadows
Wichita Eagle reviews
War is gritty and messy, rarely as glorious as it is in the movies or as sanitized as it can seem from a distance. The Balkan wars in the 1990s — particularly the...
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The Witch From The Sea
Rakes & Rogues reviews
"Lisa Jensen writes a highly enjoyable tale of Tory Lightfoot and her coming of age on the high seas. Her story has a little bit of everything - adventure, humor,...
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Front page of book reviews
"Glossy recruitment brochures tell one story. This book tells another. Beyond the slick fantasies promoted by the Pentagon and the euphemisms reported by the news...
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CALYX, A Journal of Art and Literature by Women reviews
In Calendars, Finch is more shaman than formalist. She is keenly aware of the shape and sound of her poems. Whether in a chant, sonnet, ghazal, or even Billy...
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RomFan Reviews reviews
Terry Spear once again delivers! Dreaming of the Wolf is another remarkable tale of a man and his mate. The chemistry between Alicia and Jake is full of...
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BusinessWeek reviews
"A fascinating chronicle" and "a twisted tale filled with big egos, beautiful backdrops, and charismatic-yet-flawed characters who pull off towering feats and then...
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On sale July 17!
The Stranger reviews
When people consume fictions, they experience an urge, so strong that it feels almost reptilian in origin, to categorize the story into a genre, even something as...
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Pod-dy Mouth reviews
NOTE: This is the review that started it all. Pod-dy Mouth was a popular website at the time, reviewing books printed on demand. The reviewer was anonymous, though...
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THE HEALING POWER OF GRIEF: The Journey Through Loss to Life & Laughter by Gloria Lintermans & Marilyn Stolzman, Ph.D., L.M.F.T.
COUNSELLING TODAY: Newsletter of the New Zealand Association of Counsellors reviews
Dr Stolzman is a psychotherapist who specializes in grief counselling and is the Director of the H.O.P.E. Unit Foundation for Bereavement, Loss and Transition in...
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THE HEALING POWER OF LOVE: Transcendin the Loss of a Spouse to New Love
Midwest Book Review reviews
Co-authored by Gloria Lintermans and Marilyn Stolzman, THE HEALING POWER OF LOVE: Transcending the Loss of a Spouse To New Love is a sensitive guide through...
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Cartwheels in a Sari
Publisher's Weekly reviews
Tamm's parents met in the Manhattan apartment of the guru Sri Chinmoy and quickly married each other at his insistence; when they violated his commandment not to...
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