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The Art and Practice of Geomancy
Spiral Nature reviews
Greer has a way of leading the reader along, through technical aspects, to practical experiences in a very enjoyable flow. Personally this feels like one of the...
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An Elephant's Tail
Living & Loving reviews
“Author Elle Matthews has managed to capture the essence of a truly African tale in a brilliant book based in a game reserve !”
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An Elephant's Tail
Website reviews
“Beautifully presented and wonder fully written.”
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Pearl Jacket and Other Stories: Flash Fiction from Contemporary China
The Japan Times Online reviews
Some of the accounts, like Wang Renshu's "Blowfish," a failed attempt to relieve his family's suffering and hunger by feeding them the deadly fish, are heart-...
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No One You Know
The Daily Mail (UK) reviews
This story about two sisters - one of whom is randomly murdered - is a terrific literary mystery. But it's also a story about story-telling, the way stories shape...
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Ice Song
Philadelphia Gay News reviews
“Ice Song” is definitely a compelling read, largely due to the fact that Sorykah is such a well-developed character. She has an equally intense and complex sense...
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Author of The Year of Fog and No One You Know reviews
“A wise and quietly compelling novel, so completely intimate that it feels more like memoir than fiction. It is the story of one summer in the life of a child...
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School Library Journal June 2009 reviews
School Library Journal June 2009 Adult/High School The narrator of this novel, seemingly set in the early 1970s, is five-year-old Pigeon. She observes her...
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Eposic.org reviews
POW!erful Tales is not about the art—it's about the stories, and the stories are very good indeed. Buy it for the stories. I always wanted to be a superhero, and...
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The Rose in the Snow: Tales of Mischief and Mayhem
No Name Cafe reviews
In this delightful collection of short stories by Kris Neri she shares with the reader not only more tales from her wonderful Tracy Eaton series, but various types...
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Booklist reviews
Booklist The Barfighter. Goldman, Ivan G. (Author) Apr 2009. 248 p. Permanent Press, hardcover, $28.00 At 41, Lee Cheskis is a part-time junior-college instructor...
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http://www.internetreviewofbooks.com/aug09/brief_reviews.html reviews
“Eric Barnes colors his characters with nuance and complexity. … [F]ast-paced and exciting, and above all, thought provoking.”
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The Big Bang Symphony.jpg
Book Marks reviews
"...captures the southern continent’s blend of mystery, menace and majesty with ravishing immediacy....Bledsoe’s narrative of the women’s stint in polar isolation...
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White Hand Society: The Psychedelic Partnership of Timothy Leary & Allen Ginsberg
San Francisco Chronicle reviews
"Conners writes like a poet and researches like a scholar. He pored over hundreds of letters, FBI files and other primary sources to shed new light on these two...
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Island Girl
http://www.awornpath.blogspot.com/2010/12/island-girl-intertwines-family-drama.html reviews
Lynda Simmons' latest novel Island Girl takes readers on a trip to Canada and the Toronto Islands, a small clustering of islands just off shore in Lake Ontario. In...
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Awaken the Highland Warrior
Publishers Weekly reviews
"Clenney's Scottish paranormal debut is full of twisty subplots and sexy, romantic fun."..."there's plenty to keep readers looking ahead to the sequels."--...
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Waiting for Daisy
Seattle Post-Intelligencer reviews
"Inspiration and solace come in copious quantities in Peggy Orenstein's dazzling new memoir, a heart-rending account of her six-year quest to conceive a child...
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Big City, Bad Blood
Chicago Sun-Times reviews
BIG CITY, BAD BLOOD is Sean Chercover's love letter to Chicago, and it is every bit as complex and conflicted as Ray Dudgeon, the private eye who travels its...
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The United States of Appalachia
San Antonio Express-News reviews
  When the hit TV show “Lost” ended last spring, the writers had reintroduced to the American vocabulary the pejorative use of a word that had, thankfully,...
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Months and Seasons & Other Stories
She is Too Fond of Books reviews
I connected with Christopher Meeks when he responded to a post I wrote about the difficulty my book group has had discussing short stories; he wrote an excellent...
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