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Back Burning
IP, Australia reviews
In a time when published short story collections are increasingly few and far between, and many of those that do appear seem to be story cycles trying to become...
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Eureka Pride reviews
"...It is rare that I am given so much to think about from having read a story. For that I owe Jeffrey Ricker a great deal. Even more than that, this story is...
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vera with printz.jpg
Publishers Weekly reviews
Please Ignore Vera Dietz A.S. King, Knopf, $16.99 (336p) ISBN 978-0-375-86586-2 Beginning with the funeral of Charlie Kahn, high school senior Vera's neighbor and...
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Searching for Tina Turner.jpg
Booklist reviews
Lena’s husband, Randall, has been climbing the corporate ladder for years, and Lena has supported him every step of the way, glad to help him and raise their two...
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Let My Colors Out
www.babble.com reviews
No one wants to read this article. I recommend you skip it if you don’t have any female friends. Except you do. And cancer happens. Even to people like you and me...
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Voice from the Planet
Arizona State University News reviews
Voice from the Planet's 30 stories came from authors in Congo, Peru, the United States, Bulgaria, Belgium, Canada, Brazil, Scotland, Finland, England and other...
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The Fall of Augustus
News Bureau, University of Illinois reviews
"Wisseman teaches an anthropology course and is director of the Program on Ancient Technologies and Archaeological Materials at the University of Illinois. And...
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The House of the Sphinx
www.smilepolitely.com reviews
"Wisseman’s books are of interest for a number of reasons: she lives and works right here in Champaign-Urbana, the novels are fast-paced and carefully constructed...
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Juggler in the Wind
Birdbrained Book BLog reviews
People have compared this book to the Percy Jackson series. That’s like saying Sabrina the Teenage Witch is comparable to Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The difference...
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The Taker and the Keeper
Midwest Book Review: Children's Bookwatch, August 2009, Reviewer's Choice reviews
"The Taker and the Keeper" is a Red Monocle series paperback that features middle-school protagonists and reluctant heroes Gregory Guest and Yolanda Torres....
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blood drama cover--eBook.jpg
Amazon - Top 50 reviews
Ian Nash was not having a good day. He had been kicked out of his graduate student program and ended up in despair in a suburban Los Angeles bank with a coffee...
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Brigid's Cloak by Bryce Milligan
Booklist (Starred Review) reviews
 Milligan’s folktale-flavored telling, which incorporates elements of Druidic and early Christian beliefs, introduces Brigid, one of Ireland’s favorite saints, in...
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Believe in Me smaller.jpg
Joyfully Reviewed reviews
Sayblee Safipour knows all about Felix Valasay the youngest of the well-known family of Croyant sorcerers. She knows he’s all play before work and is always...
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No One You Know
Publishers Weekly reviews
Richmond (The Year of Fog) returns to San Francisco for another enjoyable blend of mystery and domestic fiction...Vivid descriptions and loving explanations of the...
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Mom is Just a Nickname reviews
This book earned a prize for the Eric Hoffer Award for Excellence in Independent Publishing in 2008 and it’s easy to see why. The story is told beautifully, and...
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The Wedding Shroud
Reading The Past Litblog reviews
Few authors have fictionalized the Etruscan civilization, especially when compared with the many who write about Rome. Though separated from the Roman Republic...
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Face-Off Cover
Booklist reviews
Hockey fans will be attracted by the cover and held by the game descriptions, and those who like realistic fiction will appreciate the complexity of the boys’...
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Eleven Eleven, Issue 14 (CA College of the Arts) reviews
Justin Chin takes his readers through a world of chaos and wonder in his latest novel, 98 Wounds. The novel is a collection of short stories that are...
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Spirits of New Orleans: Voodoo Curses, Vampire Legends and Cities of the Dead by Kala Ambrose
http://www.exploreyourspirit.com/neworleansbook.html reviews
"Let Kala Ambrose be your tour guide to the ghosts, spirits, and revenants...
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Library Journal reviews
"Thoroughly gripping, beautiful, and astonishingly vengeful, this novel is a heartbreaker. Bohjalian's latest turn to historical fiction is immensely rewarding."
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