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Blogcritics.com reviews
Graynier, Massachusetts doesn’t make much of a first impression. There’s “no design or reason for anything to be where it is.” Wandering down its “anarchic streets...
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Let My Colors Out
On Healthy Survivorship reviews
Oftentimes, insights and mantras that help adults become Healthy Survivors can help children whose parent is going through treatment, if presented in an age-...
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Cartel: The Coming Invasion of Mexico's Drug Wars
Kirkus Reviews reviews
CARTEL The Coming Invasion of Mexico's Drug Wars Author: Longmire, Sylvia Review Date: July 15, 2011 Publisher:Palgrave Macmillan Pages: 256 Price ( Hardcover ): $...
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Whisper Stone reviews
It is the first time I am reading an Oriya writer, and a woman, in translation. Of Indian women writers, I have savored Kamala Das, who hails from Kerala and wrote...
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Light Bringer
Book Pleasures reviews
If you have been fascinated by stories about the lost continent of Atlantis or rumors of the advanced technologies of ancient Egypt or China , if you are...
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Kindle and Nook available now; print available September 17
Red Adept Reviews reviews
I purchased "Love at Absolute Zero," by Christopher Meeks, from Amazon because I had enjoyed previous works by the author, and the storyline intrigued me. Plot/...
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RT Book Reviews reviews
"Combines time travel, romance, historical figures, and a thrilling plot to captivate readers from beginning to end. Marley's knack for combining historical...
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To  Hide in the Light
First Draft, The Journal of the Alabama Writers' Forum reviews
"Things known in Roberts's world are as familiar to most Southerners as dirt, a favorite topic of hers, her presentation of the quotidian so immediate and sensual...
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Inspiring Gardeners for 100 Years: Horticulture magazine reviews
From interview: "I think dirt is the reason I have spent my whole life in the South," offers Huntsville, Alabama poet, Bonnie Roberts, whose poem "Take Me Down...
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Kindle and Nook available now; print available September 17
Small Press Reviews reviews
"Love at Absolute Zero" represents an experiment for Christopher Meeks in more ways than one. First off, it’s only available as an e-book, as Meeks, whose previous...
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It's My F---king Birthday
Los Angeles Times reviews
"Funny in a sly, true, painful way."
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Orange County Jewish Life reviews
Book Review � Cool Jew - Mira Tweti An Interview with the Author of Cool Jew Cool Jew. Cool Book. Last May I met writer Lisa Alcalay Klug at Book Expo LA . It's...
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georgiasam reviews
There’s nothing like the whiff of a new book by Francis Pong (as a student of mine pronounced him once) to get the lexicographical juices flowing. CB Editions (...
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American cover of THE WARSAW ANAGRAMS
Euro Crime reviews
I found this a deeply moving book. It deals with the Second World War but with an aspect of it that is not discussed too often, and the author has researched...
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The Prince of Ireland by Bryce Milligan
Booklist (Starred Review) reviews
Gr. 1 - 3. Milligan, who also wrote Brigid’s Cloak (2002), here retells with grace and gusto an Irish folktale he heard as a child. When the king of Ireland’s...
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The Palace of Illusions
Sanskrit Literature reviews
Ancient epic poetry is ripe material for modern day writers. There are hundreds of interspersed stories and myths, fantastic and yet familiar enough to be...
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WILD INFERNO - A WILD Mystery by Sandi Ault
The Rocky Mountain News reviews
"The fiery descriptions of the blaze’s terrifying power are worth the price of admission, but Ault also keeps the pages turning... As in her first novel, Ault...
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Conquering Venus
Lisa Allender Writes blog reviews
The novel will ask you many questions, but Kelley does not not hand us easy answers. He lets the characters speak for themselves, and by the end of the novel, he's...
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Book Cover - Time Will Tell
amazon.co.uk reviews
Very well written and keeps you interested. Keeps you turning the pages like a binding thriller, except that it's a real life story. It makes you say to yourself...
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Impressions of a Reader reviews
There's loving of one sort or another in all the stories, but some are about that second chance at love or lost love. 'Nathan Burgoine's Time and Tide mixes up old...
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