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Adé: A Love Story
Advance reviews reviews
“I want to say Adé reads like a memoir, but this heartbreaking, poetic tale of romance versus reality does more than that: it reads like truth. Lush...
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Kirkus reviews
VanHecke’s free-verse narrative is compelling, informative and emotive, telling the story by year from 1861 to 1863. Ladd uses acrylic and pastel paints with...
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Indie Reviews reviews
I’ve been a fan of ‘Nathan Burgoine’s short fiction since reading his first published story “Heart” in the critically acclaimed anthology Fool For Love: New Gay...
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The Covert Messiah
https://www.kirkusreviews.com/book-reviews/j-r-lankford/the-covert-messiah/ reviews
"extremely well-orchestrated plot...engaging, tense."
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Halfway to the Stars
Amazon.com reviews
the title of Daniel Curzon's new book might lead one to think it would be an innocuous collection of heartwarming tales that a tourist might choose for a vacation...
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Kaua'i Kids in Peace and War
Hawaii Book Blog reviews
In Bill Fernandez’s previous book, Rainbows Over Kapaʻa, the author touched on the expansive history of the small town he grew up in, “a place of opportunity...
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blurb, Tree Killer Ink reviews
“A Cute Tombstone” exists somewhere between poetry and prose. It satisfies me like a short story, creating a sense of urgency, while surprising me around every...
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Berkeley Poets Cooperative: A History of the Times
Cengage Learning, Gale Interactive reviews
Knowledgeably compliled and deftly edited by Charles Entrekin, "The Berkeley Poets Cooperative: A History of the Times" is a kind of literary/social/cultural/...
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Undercurrent - No. 9 in the DI Andy Horton Mystery Series
Library Journal reviews
Those seeking an outstanding British police procedural will devour the ninth entry in Rowson’s sea-oriented series (after Death Lies Beneath). Rowson’s plotting...
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Graveyard Rabbits Online Journal reviews
Rhoads is particularly adept at finding deeper meanings in what she sees, and the questions she puts to about the places she visits can gently guide us in our own...
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Chaucer's Pilgrims: the Allegory
The Bookwatch reviews
Anyone studying the Canterbury Tales will find this a fun examination of Chaucer, providing a fresh new look at Chaucer's intentions and the scholarly debates...
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The first issue of Morbid Curiosity, long out of print.
The Washington Post reviews
"For a decade, Morbid Curiosity has been a confessional where Americans revealed their deepest, darkest secrets. The title was no joke: Morbid Curiosity was...
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firstborngril.blogspot.com reviews
  "In her new novel, Gathering of Waters, Bernice McFadden brings her own special vision to the unfortunate story of Emmett Till and his murder in Money...
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Bleeding Hearts
Literary Pride reviews
Aterovis manages to give us real characters, the kind that we can identify with, even if the storyline may seem to be a bit unusual. As Killian Kendall matures and...
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The Beat reviews
"What do you get when Chick Lit intersects Chuck Palahniuk? You get relationship-based fiction with a tough, gritty edge. You get characters who aren't stock...
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blood drama cover--eBook.jpg
Amazon - Top 50 reviews
Ian Nash was not having a good day. He had been kicked out of his graduate student program and ended up in despair in a suburban Los Angeles bank with a coffee...
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Face-Off Cover
Booklist reviews
Hockey fans will be attracted by the cover and held by the game descriptions, and those who like realistic fiction will appreciate the complexity of the boys’...
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Cancer is a Bitch.jpg
Publishers Weekly reviews
Baker, a former columnist for the online magazine Literary Mama living in Madison, Wis., is busy on her novel—with a protagonist she happens to have diagnosed with...
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Waiting for Daisy
MORE Magazine reviews
"...a raw, funny and poignant memoir ... she writes keenly and with humor about the difficult road her quest takes. By the time I reached the end of the book...
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A Dangerous Man: gritty gay fiction from Anne Brooke
Vulpes Libris website reviews
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