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Afternoon Pleasures
ARKETIPO 187 reviews
Cam has a special gift, which helps him save Johnny’s life, even before they exchange names. Johnny’s boyfriend, Bill, shares an apartment with a friend, Tate....
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Wallace in Underland
Email/Blog reviews
Wallace in Underland is a book that appeals to all age groups. The user friendly language makes the book unique. Dialogue and illustrations add value to this work...
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Dark Knowledge
Great Minds Think Aloud - Book Club reviews
In a mental institution in Roanoke, a young boy has been left there since the age of 18. Was he left there in hiding or was it in an effort to hide others from...
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Taking Care of Cleo
The Chicago Tribune reviews
Broder's "Taking Care of Cleo" is a cleverly disarming mix of psychological realism, romance and comedy. The author of the story collection "The Sacred Hoop" and,...
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A Prayer for the Departed.jpg
Kirkus Review reviews
Broder’s careful, eloquent meditations upon family life transform this account from a mere history or memoir to a celebration of, and tribute to, family life. “...
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Tantric Zoo: A Bud Warhol Mystery
www.smashwords.com/profile/view/robloughranbooks reviews
Tantric Zoo begins in 1987 at Tantricity Hill with four very different couples in different stages of their lives. Altair and his wife Apple run Tantricity Hill...
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Coal Hill Review reviews
A Diwata, in Philippine culture, is a guardian spirit of nature similar to a nymph or elf who resides in large trees and is capable of delivering both fortune and...
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The Washington Post reviews
Osa Johnson gave a piquant title to her memoir of collaborating with her husband, Martin, on the films they made in Africa and other wild parts of the globe: “I...
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Our Daily Bread
The Globe & Mail reviews
Where is hell, exactly? Up the mountain, where it has always been. The road there takes your children first. Our Daily Bread, by Lauren B. Davis, is all about...
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Kindle and Nook available now; print available September 17
Drey's Library reviews
Gunnar Gunderson is a geek (yes, he is) who gets hit with the revelation that he doesn't want to live out the rest of his life alone. So he decides it's time to...
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One Mountain Away smallest.jpg
Publisher's Weekly reviews
Despite a slow beginning, Richards (Sunset Bridge) manages to bring readers a well-crafted tale of atonement before death. Utterly alone after years of mistakes ("...
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Victor H. Cruz reviews
"This is a positive solid assertive poetic truths coming from where language makes it-language which was before us and will be after us-manifesting its power...
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http://www.carolynjourdan.com/05b_reviews.htm reviews
A Best Book Club Book of 2008 says Book Sense A Best Book of 2008 says The Literary Guild THE FIRST EVER Book of the Month for Family Circle Magazine! A Most Fun...
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Egg Story cover
Comics Worth Reading reviews
"This is a wonderful fable about initiative and determination, featuring some great comedy, and a terrific use of the comic medium."
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until judgement.jpg
The Jamaica Gleaner reviews
Opal Palmer In love with Mr Write published: Sunday | March 2, 2008 Barbara Nelson, Contributor Opal Palmer Adisa is in love with writing. Her first stories, she...
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Booklist reviews
Angel With A Bullet - "Frenetic, atmospheric" Fun new review of Angel With A Bullet from Booklist Online. Reviewer Barbara Bibel writes: "With lots of...
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New Slain Knight
Green Man Review reviews
New Slain Knight is set in Cornwall, same setting as Charles de Lint's The Little Country, a place haunted by a long and misty past of history and myth where time...
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The Contortionist's Handbook
Kirkus Reviews reviews
"Immaculately detailed and emotionally explosive: this is rolling, riveting stuff..."
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My US hardcover, with the NYT bestseller logo added as of the 7th printing
Psychology Today reviews
Since learning about Asperger's, I have read just about every personal account I can find with regard to Asperger's. While I found all of them interesting, I can...
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Egg Story cover
Comics and Other Imaginary Tales reviews
"...this is a wonderful all ages story with fantastic characters, approachable art, and a story that everyone can relate to - even ninjas. Grade A+"
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