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Mending Horses
Booklist reviews
"Barker skillfully evokes the realities of class, racial, and gender oppression in the nineteenth century through a rich cast, lifelike setting, and complex,...
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Mending Horses
School Library Journal reviews
"Barker's deft sketches even endow most peripheral characters with individuality... Barker fashions a well-researched roster of circus eccentrics to serve as a...
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Daily News reviews
Whyle... transforms written history into literature. Where the report gives sketchy outlines, he reimagines this as the war of people against nature, and of people...
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The New Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone
The Wall Street Journal reviews
I'm not a fan of recipes. I rarely use cookbooks, although I can't seem to stop writing them. But I prefer to concentrate on techniques rather than steps and...
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AH TDB2 small.jpg
Publishers Weekly reviews
Jensen’s second novel, a twist on the Peter Pan story which reconceives of Captain Hook as a tragic hero, shows how she’s matured as a writer since her excellent...
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Ramblings of an Elfpire reviews
I really enjoyed this book! The writing style was what made this for me; the way that the author created the atmosphere and suspense was artistic and beautiful,...
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Ghost Orchid
Amazon.com reviews
Revisiting haunted Green Mansions in the Everglades, March 21, 2014 By Peter H. Green (St. Louis, MO United States) - See all my reviews (REAL NAME)  ...
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Catalina Kiss
Book Club Mom reviews
I think the strongest part of the book is in the second half, where Gwen struggles to discover who she is. Also good are Gwen’s relationships with her father and...
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Mail & Guardian reviews
This interface of white people and the Xhosa seems to be Whyle’s current and enduring fascination, and he renders it pared down to the essentials, in measured and...
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The Pact
Book Front Cover reviews
The Pact: Messages from the Other Side is a beautifully written illumination of the thin veil between souls and incarnations. We truly do walk within, beside...
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Birds of Paradise Lose
Chicosol.com reviews
  By Lindajoy Fenley © chicoSol  posted April 5 Andrew Lam's short story collection, "Birds of Paradise Lost," lured me into a labyrinth of past and...
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The Sandcastle Girls
Good Housekeeping reviews
"The Sandcastle Girls" is one of the Summer's "Best Books to Read on Vacation," a beach book that will "carry you away."
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The New York Times reviews
Barack Obama, the junior senator from Illinois and the Democratic Party’s new rock star, is that rare politician who can actually write—and write movingly and...
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High Country News reviews
Even though The Crying Tree is her debut novel, Rakha entwines these twists into her plot with expert timing. Lucid scenes reveal the complex grief and enduring...
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The Singers of nevya
Publisher's Weekly reviews
"A rich story of cultural revolution. The singers of the ice planet Nevya use their musical psi-powers to hold back the deadly cold. In Sing the Light, young...
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Einstein's Daughter: The Search for Lieserl
Time Magazine reviews
The result is a colorful glimpse of rural Serbian culture, with its patrimonial society, strong family loyalties, female subservience, slow, leisurely discourse....
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The Banquet Bug
New York Times reviews
Geling Yan’s sly comic novel about the excesses — culinary and otherwise — of modern life in the Chinese capital... Although it may seem fantastical, her fiction...
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The Hindu Literary Review reviews
MEENA KANDASAMY is a feisty new entrant into the duck-pool called Indian English poetry. In Touch, she makes a Rimbaudian attempt at clearing the decks and telling...
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Letter to the World.jpg
Silke Heiss reviews
It is more than a year since the perfectly named Letters to the World was born. The book emerged out of the collaborative efforts of members of the Wom-po LISTSERV...
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