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Diary of a Witness
The Bulletin reviews
Teenage Ernie is overweight, his mother's matching physique and love of food make it hard for him to diet, and he's the target of a cruel group of jocks. But his...
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Book List reviews
“Don't piss anyone off.” That is the direction given to graduate student Jenny Dunfree by her boss as he sends her off to live in a jungle near the Colombian...
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Foreword Magazine reviews
Derr-Smith takes us everywhere: Damascus, Iowa, Berlin, the Boundary Waters, Chicago, Virginia, Cairo, Sam?s Club. And everywhere she goes, she paints a world rich...
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National Post reviews
Halfway through The Day the Falls Stood Still, a first novel by Toronto author Cathy Marie Buchanan, I thought it might be a worthy companion to Timothy Findley’s...
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Amazon.com Customer Reviews reviews
"Nothing is subtle. On the other hand, neither was Jonathan Swift in his classic GULLIVER'S TRAVELS. Mr. Curzon holds up the looking glass in order that we -- at...
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"Kanji Clinic" column reviews
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED Whether you have just embarked on your kanji-learning adventure, are approaching the “kanji guru” stage, or--like most foreign adult kanji...
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The Evolution of Shadows
Wichita Eagle reviews
War is gritty and messy, rarely as glorious as it is in the movies or as sanitized as it can seem from a distance. The Balkan wars in the 1990s — particularly the...
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The Possibility of Everything
People Magazine reviews
What would you do if your child had an imaginary friend who seemed not only omnipresent...but malevolent?
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Struck by Keith Pyeatt
Aaron Paul Lazar reviews
Struck received a great, comprehensive review from talented author and Midwest Book Reviewer Aaron Paul Lazar. The review isn't up the Midwest Book Review site yet...
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When I Was Elena cover art
Peace Corps Writers reviews
"...As with any memorable story about an "other" place, [Urbani] extends a generosity of attention that allows readers to create their own sense of...
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Library Journal reviews
Two weeks after Queller's maternal grandmother died from kidney failure, her mother was diagnosed with metastasized ovarian cancer. Eleven months after she, too,...
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Rediscovering America: The Making of Multicultural America 1900-2000
"Library Journal" (9/15/2003) reviews
"The Before Columbus Foundation, whose 50-plus members include Marie Anderson, Herbert Kohl, and Ishmael Reed, was founded 20 years ago to promote...
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Towers of Gold: How One Jewish Immigrant Named Isaias Hellman Created California
San Francisco Chronicle Book Review reviews
"carefully researched and superbly written."
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Bookgasm reviews
So, in accordance with that ideal, why wouldn’t my year-end list be made up of comics that I thoroughly enjoyed? These are issues and story arcs that brought me a...
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Dark Waters by Gabriella Hewitt
http://www.twolipsreviews.com/content/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=2647&Itemid=36 reviews
"Dark Waters kept me glued to its pages until I had finished the book. I just couldn't put it down! Gabriella Hewitt does a wonderful job creating suspense and...
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Book Chase reviews
Nine of the thirteen stories in this first Christopher Meeks short story collection were first published in journals and literary magazines around the country, and...
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The Goddess
Goddess Alive! reviews
This is really a most extraordinary book. Rajesh Talwar, a lawyer who works for the United Nations, was on a visit to the holy shrine of the Mother Goddess Vaishno...
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The Washington Post reviews
Mark Budman has a good ear for sexual frustration and bittersweet comedy, too. His first novel, My Life at First Try, is the autobiographical story of a boy...
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Publishers Weekly reviews
Fans of the late Tony Hillerman will embrace Ault’s outstanding third mystery to feature Jamaica Wild, a resource agent for the Bureau of Land Management in Taos,...
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