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midwest book review reviews
“California’s Gold Rush began in the late 1840s. Through the 1950s, the lesser known defense industry rush went into full force. The Winged and Garlanded Nike...
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Rome's Angels & Demons: the Insider's Guide
Los Angeles Times reviews
Angela K. Nickerson, author of “A Journey Into Michelangelo’s Rome,” has written a free insider’s travel guide to the locations featured in “Angel & Demons.”...
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Ice Song
Fantasy Book Critic reviews
"A strange but wonderful novel and highly, highly recommended "Ice Song" is a book that establishes Ms. Kasai as an author to follow and get any new book asap. I...
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Salon.com reviews
Boonville is the story of John Gibson, a middle-class Floridian in his late 20s, on the verge of settling down (read: selling out), who uses the death of his...
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O (Oprah) Magazine reviews
Looking for a good time? Packed with trivia, deeply personal stories, and wacky accounts of scientific inquiry, these 10 books about sex are smart, engaging,...
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The Times Literary Supplement reviews
‘Beverley Bie Brahic’s translation is wholly in keeping with Ponge’s own premiss . . . that he should “never sacrifice the object of [his] study in order to...
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Ice Song
Booklist reviews
Kasai’s debut is a boldly adventurous tale depicting a richly detailed world. The aspect of Traders shifting gender brings Ursula K. LeGuin’s The Left Hand of...
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Ice Song
The Merry Genre Go Round Reviews reviews
ICE SONG is an exciting futuristic science fiction thriller that extrapolates modern day genetic engineering and HG Wells’ The Island of Dr. Moreau with a...
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T. Jefferson Parker and Clive Cussler reviews
“Alexander’s novel is everything you’d expect in a sequel to Time After Time. The sweep of history through time travel is dazzling, the characters are...
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Brightest_Moon_Kindle thumbnail_400.jpg
RebeccasReads reviews
Author Christopher Meeks takes unexpected turns while scripting the life of Edward, and makes interesting use of several locales, including university in Colorado...
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Goodreads reviews
Z.E is a scifi/fantasy adventure that involves many characters point of views. It starts off with Yunta, an alien commander in charge of finding rare minerals on...
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Grey Zone
Richmond Times-Dispatch reviews
"Simon brings her usual skills — and her great heart — to another story that animal lovers and mystery fans will lap up."
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The Huntsville Times, Books, A Baker's Dozen: Contemporary Women Poets of Alabama. Edited by Jerri B reviews
"With an unimpressive white jacket binding its contents and a hand-written press release announcing its arrival, A Baker's Dozen is one of those books even a...
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Build a Better Story Cover
Author website reviews
I found your book very informative, and I refer back to it even now.  Especially helpful was the suggestion of a novel writing software. My stories come out...
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Daughters of the Revolution
New York Times Book Review reviews
In the opening chapter of Carolyn Cooke’s “Daughters of the Revolution,” two young men go kayaking off the coast south of Boston. It is 1963 and both men are...
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AfricaBookClub.com reviews
By any account, to entitle a début novel The Book of War can seem presumptuous. Yet, the book (published by Jacana Media in 2012) brilliantly lives up to the...
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Cover - Something Pretty, Something Beautiful
The Commercial Appeal reviews
"The new novel chronicles in stark, effective prose a boy's tragic discoveries about how friendship works."
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BookReview.com reviews
"Emotionally, the novel connects fiercely with readers . . ."
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Months and Seasons & Other Stories
The Short Review reviews
The quintessential character moment in Chris Meeks' collection of stories occurs in "The Holes In My Door." We meet Frank Philo, an obsessive, self-involved man...
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Profesor of Media and Public Affairs, GW University reviews
From Carl Stern, JD Professor of Media and Public Affairs, George Washington University, and former NBC News correspondent "A well-written, fascinating story about...
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