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Kill-Grief by Caroline Rance
The Bookbag reviews
This debut novel is by a very talented author indeed. The front cover bears the legend jolts the reader into Hogarth's world with a vengeance - and this exactly...
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Library Journal reviews
"Smart, timely, and sane, this volume is highly recommended."
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Forgetting English
Fiction Writers Review reviews
In her impressive debut collection, Forgetting English, Midge Raymond sets her stories in a variety of locations outside the continental United States. How many...
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San Francisco Chronicle reviews
"Upon arriving home from lunch with Charles Purdy I found a jumble of mail on the hall table, and so inspired was I by Purdy's philosophy of politesse that,...
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Assocated Content reviews
The Girls from Ames is a new book written by Wall Street Journal Writer Jeffrey Zaslow. The story of the girls came from one of Zaslow's columns about friendship....
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Ladies' Home Journal reviews
Are you heading to a reunion this summer? Thanks to Facebook, Evite and other online tools, perhaps you know who's attending, what they look like, and what they've...
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The Capital reviews
all started with an e-mail from Jennifer Litchman six years ago. The Annapolis resident sent the message to Wall Street Journal columnist Jeffrey Zaslow after he...
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Arizona Republic reviews
When asked if he had a best friend, a fellow volunteer responded that he had several small groups of friends that he did things with. One group liked to play golf...
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Dolce Dolce reviews
In The Girls of Ames, Wall Street Journal columnist Jeffery Zaslow chronicles the friendship of 11 women who grew up together in Ames, Iowa. They have maintained...
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The Calligrapher’s Daughter
Publishers Weekly reviews
This debut novel, inspired by the life of the author’s Korean mother, is a beautiful, deliberate and satisfying story spanning 30 years of Korean history. The...
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The United States of Appalachia
San Antonio Express-News reviews
  When the hit TV show “Lost” ended last spring, the writers had reintroduced to the American vocabulary the pejorative use of a word that had, thankfully,...
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Months and Seasons & Other Stories
She is Too Fond of Books reviews
I connected with Christopher Meeks when he responded to a post I wrote about the difficulty my book group has had discussing short stories; he wrote an excellent...
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Hey There, Stink Bug!
Booklist reviews
"Gr. 4-6. "This is / an insect world with humans in it. / We'll seize the day, but they will win it." The insects featured in this poetry collection are fearsome,...
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Forgetting English
Reading Local Seattle reviews
The most emblematic story is the excellent tale, “The Road to Hana,” which hinges on a suggested mystery and division between Ethan and Sue, the couple in the...
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Forgetting English
Book Chatter reviews
The Short of It: This collection of stories is a restorative tonic for the soul. The Rest of It: I am not a fan of short fiction but every now and then I give it...
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Recycle Suburbia
Poemeleon reviews
The bar is called Poemeleon. You can be anyone you want here, but management is trying to add some humor to the place’s ambience just now. The first poet to walk...
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Carta Marina: A Poem in Three Parts
Country Dog Review reviews
Through the searingly beautiful triptych of poems which make up Carta Marina, the reader follows Ann Fisher-Wirth as she plays the part of cartographer, attempting...
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Time-Hearld reviews
When Temple University history professor Bryant Simon embarked on a five-year, 11-country journey through 450 Starbucks, he didn't know if an eventual book would...
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Struck by Keith Pyeatt
Aaron Paul Lazar reviews
Struck received a great, comprehensive review from talented author and Midwest Book Reviewer Aaron Paul Lazar. The review isn't up the Midwest Book Review site yet...
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Repulsion Thrust
M/C Reviews reviews
As the title suggests, the poetry uses science as metaphor. It explores the intersection between science and life, quantum theory and love, molecules and gamma...
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