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The Montreal Gazette reviews
Set mostly in Montreal in the 1920s and early ’30s, Serafim and Claire is an evocative, dramatic and poetic page-turner...
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What Does It Mean To Be Safe
Pragmatic Mom reviews
It’s easy to be paranoid as a parent since, if you keep up with the news, danger lurks everywhere. It used to freak me out even before I was a parent, hearing...
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Times Live reviews
In other hands these encounters between Europe and Africa would be lousy with meaning and allegory and retrospective wisdom, but there are no morals here....
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Married at Fourteen cover
Goodreads.com reviews
Lucille Lang Day’s remarkable memoir, Married At Fourteen, is a breathtaking page-turner that will (Warning!) keep you reading far into the night. Part of the...
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Dark Knowledge
Reading the Paranormal reviews
I honestly didn't know how things were going to play out as the story progressed. The lengths the other players were willing to go to was disturbing. That Wesley...
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Birds of Paradise Lose
Southern Maryland College reviews
Tonight we hear another voice couched by that war. Andrew Lam is the author of Perfume Dreams: Reflections on the Vietnamese Diaspora, which won the...
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Halfway to the Stars
Clarion/Foreword Reviews reviews
Halfway to the Stars will thrill an audience seeking entertainment untouched by editorial censors. This is stand-up comedy at its literary best, with...
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Cooking with an Asian Accent
Publishers Weekly reviews
...Compestine (Revolution is Not a Dinner Party) infuses Eastern philosophy into Western cuisine. The author of 20 books on Chinese culture and cooking creates...
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Perfume River
All Women's Talk reviews
Written by Andrew Lam, Perfume Dreams provides insight into the impact of the Vietnam War on the Vietnamese. Lam is a famous NPR commentator and journalist, and in...
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The Saturday Star reviews
This is a slim little book, but the terse economy of the prose propels you into its relentless rhythm from the start. James Whyle has the gift of conveying...
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The Washington Blade, Chicago Outlines, Girlfriends Magazine, Recommended Reading/True Review reviews
"AfterShocks is an achievement.  There are lines that are so filled with beauty and truth that they are sheer pleasure to read.  Jess Wells is obviously...
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Running Scared by Cheryl Norman
Romance Reviews Today reviews
"...Excellent writing, characters trying to grow beyond their previous limitations, along with a thrilling plot earn RUNNING SCARED an RRT Perfect 10."
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Voices for Youth Advocates (VOYA) reviews
★ “King remarkably channels fifteen-year-old Lucky, creating one of the most believable teen male characters in young adult fiction.”
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Greener Pastures reviews
"Do you like the surreal in your comics? Do you like the non-sequitur? Do you like to see someone having fun over and over as they experiment with the comics...
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Prepublication review reviews
Highly recommended. Kushner details her passion for kanji in an entertaining, humor-laced narrative chock-full of information, examples, and games. Anyone who has...
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Vienna Triangle Cover
psychoPEDIA reviews
Vienna Triangle is a brilliant novel that combines fact with the author's ingenious imagination to bring to life the historical figures of Freud and his disciples...
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Pearl Jacket and Other Stories: Flash Fiction from Contemporary China
Asian Review of Books reviews
Ever since the rise of the Internet and the fall of the attention span the genre of flash fiction has boomed in China. Known in Chinese as "Minute Story", "Pocket-...
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"Between Soul and Stone"
PowellsBooks.Blog http://www.powells.com/blog/contributors/my-favorite-poetry-books-of-the-past-year reviews
"One of my all-time favorite poets...Her latest book, Between Soul and Stone, is incredible. This may sound trite, but I can't help but identify Berdeshevsky's...
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Zero Summer Cover.jpg
Oranges & Sardines reviews
Andrew Demcak continues to blossom as an important poet with his newest collection of pieces of imagination married to craftsmanship. ZERO SUMMER is apparently...
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Philadelphia Inquirer reviews
BOOKS NOTEWORTHY NOVEL Strokes of truth on blank canvas Reviewed By Carlin Romano the Philadelphia Inquirer May 21, 2006 One thinks of modeling for artists as...
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