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Adé: A Love Story
Advance reviews reviews
“I want to say Adé reads like a memoir, but this heartbreaking, poetic tale of romance versus reality does more than that: it reads like truth. Lush...
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Kirkus reviews
VanHecke’s free-verse narrative is compelling, informative and emotive, telling the story by year from 1861 to 1863. Ladd uses acrylic and pastel paints with...
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Indie Reviews reviews
I’ve been a fan of ‘Nathan Burgoine’s short fiction since reading his first published story “Heart” in the critically acclaimed anthology Fool For Love: New Gay...
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The Covert Messiah
https://www.kirkusreviews.com/book-reviews/j-r-lankford/the-covert-messiah/ reviews
"extremely well-orchestrated plot...engaging, tense."
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Halfway to the Stars
Amazon.com reviews
the title of Daniel Curzon's new book might lead one to think it would be an innocuous collection of heartwarming tales that a tourist might choose for a vacation...
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Kaua'i Kids in Peace and War
Hawaii Book Blog reviews
In Bill Fernandez’s previous book, Rainbows Over Kapaʻa, the author touched on the expansive history of the small town he grew up in, “a place of opportunity...
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blurb, Tree Killer Ink reviews
“A Cute Tombstone” exists somewhere between poetry and prose. It satisfies me like a short story, creating a sense of urgency, while surprising me around every...
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Berkeley Poets Cooperative: A History of the Times
Cengage Learning, Gale Interactive reviews
Knowledgeably compliled and deftly edited by Charles Entrekin, "The Berkeley Poets Cooperative: A History of the Times" is a kind of literary/social/cultural/...
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Undercurrent - No. 9 in the DI Andy Horton Mystery Series
Library Journal reviews
Those seeking an outstanding British police procedural will devour the ninth entry in Rowson’s sea-oriented series (after Death Lies Beneath). Rowson’s plotting...
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Graveyard Rabbits Online Journal reviews
Rhoads is particularly adept at finding deeper meanings in what she sees, and the questions she puts to about the places she visits can gently guide us in our own...
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New Creative Community: The Art of Cultural Development
Teaching Artist Journal, 2007 Volume 5, Number 3 reviews
Teaching artists and community development artists: how similar the two fields are, and how little interaction they have. Perhaps it is time for a change, for a...
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Rain Taxi reviews
Barbara Jane Reyes's second book, Poeta en San Francisco, explores the translatable and untranslatable collisions of writing self and culture. We immediately...
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West of Kabul, East of New York
Seattle Weekly reviews
ON SEPT. 12 of last year, a San Franciscan named Tamim Ansary was driving to work as talk-radio callers demanded, among other things, a nuclear assault on...
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Book of Five Rings
Columbia University reviews
Steve Kaufman, a karate expert living in New York City, has produced a responsible translation of Miyamoto Musashi’s classic. Although there is little in terms of...
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Sisters of Misery
Amazon.com reviews
SISTERS OF MISERY Megan Kelley Hall Kensington, Aug 2008, $9.95 9780758226792 Hawthorne is right next door to Salem; and at the times of the witch hunts three...
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Dying Unafraid.jpg
Compassion In Dying Magazine reviews
The thing about a good story is it grows on you and stays with you for days. The stories of the dying in Fran Moreland Johns' new book are like that. But this isn'...
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FV cover.jpg
The Mail Today reviews
WHAT makes an Indian woman undertake four trips to Pakistan in a span of six years? No, it wasn’t with a book in mind — Farzana Versey, the author of A Journey...
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Geographies of Light
Electronic Intifada reviews
"In Geographies of Light, Majaj writes exquisitely of the profound personal and collective loss that defines Palestinian history. Using intimate and...
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O (Oprah) Magazine reviews
Looking for a good time? Packed with trivia, deeply personal stories, and wacky accounts of scientific inquiry, these 10 books about sex are smart, engaging,...
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Virgins And Martyrs: An Aria Quynn Novel
Library Journal 4/1/08 reviews
By JO ANN VICARELLibrary Journal STARRED REVIEW!!Virgins and Martyrs: An Aria Quynn Novel.Author: Merkel, E.L.Five Star: Gale. Apr. 2008. c.381p. ISBN 978-1-59414-...
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