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THE SEVENTH GATE, by Richard Zimler
Blog of Firdevs Robinson reviews
"The Seventh Gate had a profound effect on me with its portrayal of how the Nazi ideology permeated German society and politics. Of course, there was an enormous...
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The Countries We Live In
Goodreads.com reviews
As always, Radavich gives us marvelous lines.  It's the kind of collection to turn to if you feel the slightest bit blue.  He has a way of looking at the...
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Winnipeg Free Press reviews
"Lavorato balances the present, visceral moment with deep subtext, and what results is great, even beautiful writing."
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Flyover Lives
NPR reviews
The second best quality Diane Johnson has as a writer is that she's so smart. Her first best quality — and one that's far more rare — is that she credits her...
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The National Post reviews
While his characters drive the action, Lavorato’s unwavering eye is at its best when observing and describing the city itself, which continues to grapple with many...
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blood drama cover--eBook.jpg
Views from the Countryside reviews
Christopher Meeks is an award winning playwright and obviously visual person.  Perhaps that explains his ability to create characters I'll remember for a long...
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BookPage reviews
  “Hearts drumming, / eyes darting, / knees trembling.” Susan VanHecke’s reverent free verse describes the trepidation felt by Frank, James and Shepard, three...
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Mending Horses
Kirkus Reviews reviews
“Fluid writing and a true sense of history—including fascinating insights into early circuses—raise this well above the usual. Barker’s characters are nuanced,...
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The Montreal Gazette reviews
Set mostly in Montreal in the 1920s and early ’30s, Serafim and Claire is an evocative, dramatic and poetic page-turner...
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What Does It Mean To Be Safe
Pragmatic Mom reviews
It’s easy to be paranoid as a parent since, if you keep up with the news, danger lurks everywhere. It used to freak me out even before I was a parent, hearing...
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Bookbrowse.com reviews
Rating: 5 of 5 of 5 by Julie (Peoria IL). A Quick Read, Quirky & HeartwarmingThis was a book unlike any I've ever read before. I was hooked within the first...
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The Lost Daughter of Happiness
The New York Times reviews
Yan's use of shifting perspectives -- including that of the narrator herself, who confesses her ''surprise'' at the unpredictable behavior of her imagined...
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A clincher!
Publisher's Weekly reviews
Being with Him Jessica Inclán Zebra, $13 paper (320p) ISBN 978-1-4201-0112-6 In Inclán’s sweet but sometimes silly trilogy opener, finding a soul mate is child’s...
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New Creative Community: The Art of Cultural Development
Public Art Review reviews
Arlene Goldbard's most recent book, New Creative Community: The Art of Cultural Development, is a comprehensive, well-written, and passionate chronicle of this...
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Washington Post Book World reviews
"Recent postcolonial novels explore the cultural bouillabaisse: characters of various national origins, creeds and colors, living in an international capital...
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San Francisco Chronicle reviews
  The title, of course, is howlingly ironic. If San Francisco poet Justin Chin is laughing, it's just a gag reflex against a particularly bitter pill. A gay, punk-...
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http://www.shewrites.com/profiles/blogs/gimme-jimmy-gmta-review reviews
Delightful, adorable and hilarious. When little Jimmy Alexander is warned by his father that his unwillingness to share and his inability to politely ask for...
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eh 4th edition front cover.jpg
Expat Info Desk reviews
"a perfect read, engaging and well-thought out":  ExpatInfoDesk.com's book review of my anthology Tales from the Expat Harem "If you’re considering...
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Voya reviews
VOYA-Starred Review April 2007 Beaudoin, Sean. Going Nowhere Fast. Little,...
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Library Journal reviews
"Master of Ceremonies" is the dizzying, tender, and true story of a fledgling actor whose first break results in a two-year stint as the emcee at Chippendales, in...
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