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Samina Ali talks about
"As the first Indian Muslim woman fiction writer to be published in America, Samina Ali has unveiled a distinct voice that reflects the conflict faced by immigrants belonging to dual cultures ... A...
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jitu rajgor talks about
 I have gone through  'The Complete Guide to Nature Photography' by Sean Arbabi. I have taken enough time to read and understand the minute details given in the book and now can say with...
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Sharon A Geyer talks about
Matt Rees is one of my favorite writers because he has the courage and grace and talent to write novels from the Arab point of view. If the Palestinians were prone to reading Western style novels,...
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On Twitter yesterday they announced that Bastard Out of Carolina is celebrating its 20th anniversary today. Twenty years! It’s a book that still stands out today. This is an essay I wrote about...
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Chris Rodell talks about
Josh Lansky is the Jack Bauer of Mr. Moms In one 24-hour period he throws down with surly police officers, feckless baby sitters, potty training nightmares, wall varmints that require professional...
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Catherine Nagle talks about
Jennifer Kathleen Gibbons, I Woke Up In Love This Morning, brings the emotional drama to light that comes during a girl’s young teens years. She captures every detail from the first period, cramps...
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Rosy Cole talks about
The greatest gift is a portion of thyself. Ralph Waldo Emerson   When James and Paula receive a wedding invitation from a cousin neither of them knew they had, it has them haring off on a...
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Jenn Lopez talks about
Shedding tears with Amy Ferris about her father who let her find herself through her own mistakes and finding her way to the perfect man, to laughter with Pam Houston's Greatest Hits list made for a...
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Suzanne Morris talks about
 “If your child or grandchild has ever wondered when Santa fits in the traditional Christmas story, now you can read them Santa’s Birthday Gift.Finally, a book that ties two holiday traditions...
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John Jung talks about
Flavor and Fortune, the Chinese foodie's magazine, published this review of Sweet and Sour by Editor Jacqueline M. Newman.   Interested in American-Chinese and Canadian-Chinese restaurants? In...
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Eileen Malone talks about
Neil Babcox - This review is from: I should have given them water (Paperback) I picked up this book after hearing Eileen Malone author read from it -- and am I glad i did. Poem after poem in this...
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Amy Reed talks about
The Beautiful Being is the third and final book in Jessica Inclan’s paranormal romance trilogy, which includes the books Intimate Beings and Being With Him. It is the story of Edan and Ava, exiled...
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Aju Mukhopadhyay talks about
It is natural for a Jewish to love Jewish faces and why not? They have a prominent place on earth. Live long the Jews in harmony with other peoples of the world. Aju Mukhopadhyay
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Ralph McNeal Sr. talks about
4.0 out of 5 stars Foreign Intrigue: Friend or Terrorist?, April 9, 2009 By Rseifert In this novel the author displays the ever increasing multitude of problems the world will face as it enters into...
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Wisteria Leigh talks about
Outside Child, by Alice Wilson-Fried is a marvelous masterpiece of murder and mayhem on the Mississippi. Ladonis Washington wants nothing more than to make it to the top of her career. She will do...
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Wisteria Leigh talks about
Far Above Rubies, by Cynthia Polansky, is a brilliantly written historical fiction memoir. Polansky's book is a triumphant tribute to Sofie Mecklenberg Rijnfeld Davidson, a selfless woman with...
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Michael Anthony talks about
“There are plenty of books about war, usually featuring the trigger-pullers who directly engage the enemy. Mass Casualties looks at war from a different angle, that of those who try to save the...
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Laura McHale Holland talks about
Several months ago my husband and I went to Readers' Books in the beautiful town of Sonoma to see Adair Lara read from her latest book, Naked, Drunk, and Writing: Writing Essays and Memoirs for Love...
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Paul Charles talks about
Clearly, I can't tell you what I learned from this book. I will ask my girlfriend to write in though... Anyway, C. W. Gentry's books are easily read, embarrassment-free and down to earth. They deal...
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Jodee C Kulp talks about
Kulp captures the chaotic turmoil of culturally-muddled miscommunication and FAS brain fog of lost-boy Kevin, a 21-year-old going-on-ten jailed for murder, seemingly by his own matter-of-fact...
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