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shannon-evans's picture
Shannon Evans talks about
The military life has a certain appeal to those seeking adventure, excitement, new worlds to explore, and that sense of belonging of esprit de corps. That is the idealistic goal of men and women who...
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Thomas Clark talks about
I just finished your book today. It was an excellent read. I particularly appreciated your honesty. I'm afraid that for most of the men of our generation the question remains the same as asked by...
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Sunny Solomon talks about
Is poetry what we really want to read? Today, in our busy lives, when serious blocks of reading time are hard to come by, it seems to me that poetry is exactly what we ought to read. Take any poem...
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Kim Hoffman talks about
Armies of the night, The Electric Kool Aid Acid Test, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and/or On the Campaign Trail '72 are all enduring books, capturing the 1960's period from ground level, with...
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Virginia Davids talks about
I found this novel to be profoundly sad but at the same time I am sure this is based on incidents and events that have happened and are still happening, whether in Afghanistan or somewhere else in...
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Kim Hoffman talks about
Norman Mailer was a long time supporter of a conspiracy theory as catalyst for the assassination of John F. Kennedy. He was one of the few noteworthy individuals to give a positive review to Oliver...
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Anthony S Policastro talks about
By Anthony S. Policastro When you read FINN by Jon Clinch, you are immediately taken back to the 19th century where the story begins about the detestable life of Pap Finn, the father of Huckleberry...
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Donald Richards talks about
"The First Mother's Fire", Book One of the new fantasy series "The Soulstealer War" by W.L. Hoffman, is a novel that was difficult to put down and is now proving impossible to...
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samantha-hall's picture
Samantha Hall talks about
By far the most unputdownable book I have read in a long time. I have passed it onto two friends who were not grateful at all - apparently no housework got done or children feed etc. LOL The...
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gary-g-gach's picture
Gary G Gach talks about
I dont which I prefer: Ishmael Reed the musician, dramatist, poet, novelist, or essayist but here he's in top form, going the distance, and taking us across some turf we might not have expected to...
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scott-mercer's picture
Scott Mercer talks about
A murder mystery that takes place entirely inside a stuck elevator. That's the "log line" that's going to sell this book for a film. But since we have a little bit more time to talk about it, let's...
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sandra-m-cottingham's picture
Sandra M. Cottingham talks about
I thought I knew everything I needed to know about lead but truly, the information I had was out-of-date, and minimal at best. Lead Babies opened my eyes about how little it takes to do so much harm...
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david-pitts's picture
David Pitts talks about
Korn Shell Programming by Example is a straight-forward, nuts and bolts book that will become a standard in the libraries of Unix administrators everywhere because of its real-life examples,...
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mel-menzies's picture
Mel Menzies talks about
Skilfully handled, interlinking present tense narrative with third/past point of view – and oh boy, how it adds texture and dimension! Characterisation is strong and well balanced. I am, as you’ll...
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Grady Harp talks about
Jeff Vande Zande writes novels that creep up on the reader like a hint of a gloaming breeze on a stagnant summer evening. He understands the arid plain on which we walk, looking for some meaning or...
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FOLA mordecai talks about
ren,have successfully used mother nature to exploit her audience and admirers very succinctly and accurately
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mike hagen talks about
“Afraid” written by Jack Kilborn is one hell of a ride. No not a ride, more like an express elevator to hell. It starts fast and only picks up speed. It is relentless with enough horror, gore,...
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skylee-brightman's picture
skylee Brightman talks about
I got the special classification in reviewing the paragraphs, in amazing knowledge of bravery and courage it happen all day at the background of the plane crasher and welding the craft of iron mask....
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teri-laflesh's picture
Teri LaFlesh talks about
Thank you thank you thank you to PJ for writing this book! I am waiting for a book of mine to be published in Spring, and I've been filled with questions like a giant balloon. But at the same time, I...
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roy-pickering's picture
Roy Pickering talks about
"Pickering's style is fluid and crisp. There's a certain clarity to the prose that's considered and well judged - just enough to paint the picture and more than enough to drive along the narrative...
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