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Charles A. Ray talks about
Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. was a flamboyant individual. Well-educated and devilishly handsome, he was a firebrand minister, a passionate civil rights advocate, and a controversial politician....
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Scott Mercer talks about
A murder mystery that takes place entirely inside a stuck elevator. That's the "log line" that's going to sell this book for a film. But since we have a little bit more time to talk about it, let's...
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Ralph McNeal Sr. talks about
4.0 out of 5 stars Foreign Intrigue: Friend or Terrorist?, April 9, 2009 By Rseifert In this novel the author displays the ever increasing multitude of problems the world will face as it enters into...
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mike hagen talks about
“Afraid” written by Jack Kilborn is one hell of a ride. No not a ride, more like an express elevator to hell. It starts fast and only picks up speed. It is relentless with enough horror, gore,...
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balthazar-rodrigue-nzomono-balenda's picture
Freedom of press the sitting duck is now available at www.i-proclaim.com
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David Pitts talks about
Korn Shell Programming by Example is a straight-forward, nuts and bolts book that will become a standard in the libraries of Unix administrators everywhere because of its real-life examples,...
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balthazar-rodrigue-nzomono-balenda's picture
This book is on it way and I apologize to you for the problem, I have with my publisher. It will be available again next week.
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Mark Glamack talks about
Littluns Novel Review What could possibly happen? Every precaution is taken that nothing will happen on an annual outing of renewal. In the very secret Hollow Hills, civic duty calls upon four...
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Phibby Venable talks about
very beautiful work,,love the tone and insight! I created the Angels to center myself. Like Earth, on one level. An event growing out of other events not necessarily occurring in time. Or being...
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Marala Scott talks about
"In Our House" -the Memoir is a book that kept me on the edge of my seat until the very end. The characters are so real you fear and hope with them at the same time. This book really makes you think...
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Graham Sclater talks about
American book review by Patty Inglish May 2010 Hatred is the Key - American/English Holocaust August 2, 1812 Hatred is the Key by author Graham Sclater Tabitha Books ISBN 978-0956397713 Published in...
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jitu-rajgor's picture
jitu rajgor talks about
I find excerpt of this book interesting. I would like to read it in large, if it is available here in 'crossword' store.Heather's writing sounds like Indian spiritual guru or a Budhhist monk.One...
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lakis-fourouklas's picture
Lakis Fourouklas talks about
This is not really a review. I've just wanted to say that Alexis Stamatis, along with Soti Triantafillou, is on the top of the list of modern greek writers. Bar Flaubert is an exquisite novel that...
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Tonya Scott Wyandon talks about
Leah Bennett - In Tonya Scott Wyandon's daring debut novel, "Breaking Into Soul," the social mores of a small Southern town and the deep-rooted families that give it life are the backdrop for an...
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moira-richards's picture
moira richards talks about
"In hortensia’s book The Plenitude of Emptiness, the lyrical quality of hortensia’s haibun (prose with haiku) is outstanding, to say the least. There is a unity that relies on cycles of plenitude and...
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janet-g-riehl's picture
Janet G. Riehl talks about
I think "Hungry" is amazing. I see it as a parable that both adults and children will enjoy and learn from in varying levels. There are so many cross-over elements in "Hungry." I think about "Lord of...
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brenda-webster's picture
Brenda Webster talks about
Laura Albert’s Sarah, written as JT Le Roy is a tour de force. Truly an unusual book. Sometimes offensive, often hilarious and always passionate. In an interview on the Moth, Laura Albert said that...
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Hannah Holborn talks about
Good Grief is a heartwarming, heartbreaking, and delightfully funny book!
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Michael Anthony talks about
“If you are afraid of the TRUTH don’t read this book. SPC Michael Anthony’s personal experience of WAR has no censor. Reading his book is a journey into the battlefields of death, sex, and the loss...
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mary-akers's picture
Mary Akers talks about
http://katdenza.blogspot.com/2009/05/read-this-women-up-on-blocks-by-mar... What better way to kick off Dan Wickett's designated short story month then a riveting, unique collection of stories by my...
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