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Gerald Vicich talks about
I really appreciate Gina Misiroglu's work, primarily because she makes pop-culture and biographical subjects FUN and accessible. I've read both her superhero and supervillain tomes, and love the way...
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William Poy Lee talks about
PUBLISHERS WEEKLY - earning a rare Red Star Review “In this remarkable memoir, mother and son tell their story, in alternating chapters, of their life. Fans of Amy Tan and Maxine Hong Kingston...
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Darlene Arden talks about
This was such a treat! I bought the audio version because I was traveling and I always need an audio book in the car along with a paperback in my bag (and the requisite hardcover at home). I wasn't...
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Sue Reynolds talks about
This book was great to read & was full of surprises. I loved every moment of this book & have read it twice now. I have shared it with family & friends. Great job Julie!
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Jennifer Massoni talks about
It’s interesting how you come to love a book--from the moment you hear about it or pluck it from a shelf, purchase it, and add it to the pile of books you’ve been meaning to read. Then, when you do...
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Robert McDiarmid talks about
I feel compelled, before I sleep, to introduce folks who may not know Robert McDiarmid to his 2007 novel House of Wolves. His first novel, and published by a smaller company 'iUniverse', there are a...
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iris-timm's picture
Iris Timm talks about
Music and swords and magic. What drew me to this book when I first picked it up in the mid 90’s was, frankly, the cover illustration, but it was the idea of a quest and a world where vanquishing the...
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hannah-holborn's picture
Hannah Holborn talks about
Good Grief is a heartwarming, heartbreaking, and delightfully funny book!
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annie-rye's picture
annie rye talks about
Bill Hayes's new non fiction tryst with anatomy is a fascinating read. His ability to mix past and present experiences into one story keeps the reader turning the pages. Books usually put me to...
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thom-hawkins's picture
Thom Hawkins talks about
Rhoda Curtis has turned starting over into an art form. I knew I had to read “Rhoda: Her First Ninety Years” after seeing the blurb on the back cover: “Six careers. Three husbands. Many lovers...
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Eliabeth Scott talks about
History professor Scott presents a comprehensive biography of his extraordinary aunt, Natalie Scott, a writer, nurse, and philanthropist. Born in 1890 to a practical father and an idealistic mother,...
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Leigh Lundin talks about
"Best of all is newcomer Leigh Lundin’s "Quality of Mercy." It’s a simple story that begins and ends with a prosecutor asking for a murder charge for an elderly man who helped end the life of his...
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jana-mcburney-lin's picture
Jana McBurney-Lin talks about
My daughter reads very little outside her college curriculum. So I'm choosy about what I pass onto her. This past summer, I fell in love with Rooftops of Tehran...and so did she.
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balthazar-rodrigue-nzomono-balenda's picture
This book is on it way and I apologize to you for the problem, I have with my publisher. It will be available again next week.
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Donna Ash talks about
This was a really good read…once I picked up the book, I couldn’t put it down. At first it seemed like I was reading a note left behind from a very sad little boy, but I soon realized it was going...
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scott-mercer's picture
Scott Mercer talks about
A murder mystery that takes place entirely inside a stuck elevator. That's the "log line" that's going to sell this book for a film. But since we have a little bit more time to talk about it, let's...
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sandra-m-cottingham's picture
Sandra M. Cottingham talks about
I thought I knew everything I needed to know about lead but truly, the information I had was out-of-date, and minimal at best. Lead Babies opened my eyes about how little it takes to do so much harm...
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david-pitts's picture
David Pitts talks about
Korn Shell Programming by Example is a straight-forward, nuts and bolts book that will become a standard in the libraries of Unix administrators everywhere because of its real-life examples,...
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mel-menzies's picture
Mel Menzies talks about
Skilfully handled, interlinking present tense narrative with third/past point of view – and oh boy, how it adds texture and dimension! Characterisation is strong and well balanced. I am, as you’ll...
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grady-harp's picture
Grady Harp talks about
Jeff Vande Zande writes novels that creep up on the reader like a hint of a gloaming breeze on a stagnant summer evening. He understands the arid plain on which we walk, looking for some meaning or...
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