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balthazar-rodrigue-nzomono-balenda's picture
Dear Sir, I am interested in Paris because it's beautiful and I have my family there. Paris is not just the city of lights, also the city of romance. It has so much to offer when it comes to hotels,...
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laura-mchale-holland's picture
Laura McHale Holland talks about
Several months ago my husband and I went to Readers' Books in the beautiful town of Sonoma to see Adair Lara read from her latest book, Naked, Drunk, and Writing: Writing Essays and Memoirs for Love...
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Jenya Krein talks about
Essays from «Works on Paper» (1986), «Outside Stories» (1992), «Karmic Traces» (2000).
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deja-whitehouse's picture
Deja Whitehouse talks about
The following review of "Einstein's Question" was posted by George Berger on the TTA Press INTERACTION forum: I read this fascinating novel several weeks ago and would like to discuss some of its...
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dulcey-lima's picture
Dulcey Lima talks about
NO TIME TO WAVE GOODBYE Jacqueline Mitchard’s newest book No Time to Wave Goodbye was just released and I devoured it. It is the riveting sequel to Deep End of the Ocean, Mitchard’s first novel...
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amy-reed's picture
Amy Reed talks about
The Beautiful Being is the third and final book in Jessica Inclan’s paranormal romance trilogy, which includes the books Intimate Beings and Being With Him. It is the story of Edan and Ava, exiled...
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teri-laflesh's picture
Teri LaFlesh talks about
Thank you thank you thank you to PJ for writing this book! I am waiting for a book of mine to be published in Spring, and I've been filled with questions like a giant balloon. But at the same time, I...
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michael-anthony's picture
Michael Anthony talks about
“There are plenty of books about war, usually featuring the trigger-pullers who directly engage the enemy. Mass Casualties looks at war from a different angle, that of those who try to save the...
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FOLA mordecai talks about
it good to oneself and it more satisfying when one gather round the people we know instead of neglecting them,claiming frivolous excuses
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former member talks about
Great book, a real page turner, I could not stop reading.
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mark-mandel's picture
Mark Mandel talks about
Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ's Childhood Pal was my first introduction to Christopher Moore's work, and I loved it. Not only does it add the very much missing ingredient of humor to a...
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kim-hoffman's picture
Kim Hoffman talks about
A valuable text in both the reporting, the remembrance, and the healing of the experience of war. Vietnam was weird because over the years troops were cycled in and out. You would arrive and after a...
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david-gross's picture
David Gross talks about
“David Gross has created a marvelous historical compilation of 167 intelligent and intense writings on the challenging question of whether people of conscience should pay for war.” “Quakers...
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beverley-minarich's picture
Beverley Minarich talks about
The book, Chains, by Laurie Halse Anderson is a hard-hitting, powerful work of historical fiction. Laurie parallels the United States' seeking independence from Britain with a young slave girl's...
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pauline-ramdhanie's picture
pauline ramdhanie talks about
Awsome, you have a great imagination. Looking forward to reading the rest of it.
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robert-mcdiarmid's picture
Robert McDiarmid talks about
I feel compelled, before I sleep, to introduce folks who may not know Robert McDiarmid to his 2007 novel House of Wolves. His first novel, and published by a smaller company 'iUniverse', there are a...
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phoebe-jordan's picture
Phoebe Jordan talks about
I absolutely loved her new novel Boneyard because it is as good and even a bit better than her first book The Tunnels. I thought that in the first book Kelly Jones is a cool and controlled FBI agent...
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yerra-sugarman's picture
Yerra Sugarman talks about
AMAZON: Most Helpful Customer Reviews (Five Stars) VIBRANT, ORIGINAL, May 14, 2008 By A Fan "A Fan" (New York, NY) Two of our National Treasures, Michael Palmer and Marilyn Hacker, who some might...
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jonathan-winters's picture
Jonathan Winters talks about
M. B. Rees' third of the Omar Yussef Mysteries, The Samaritan's Secret, is more polished in the mystery aspect of the story than A Grave In Gaza, the previous book in the series - exactly what I was...
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