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On the surface, the surge in the popularity of e-books and the proliferation of devices on which their content can be read seems like a boon to...
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Author’s Book Recommendation – Book of the People Title:People of the Book Author: Geraldine Brooks Paperback: 400 pages Publisher: HarperPerennial (...
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I am writing about the city I live in, Bangalore is one of the most beautiful cities of the world. Here you come across people of different religions...
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Join us in honoring one of the brilliant founding voices of new literature, Judy Grahn, in a special event Friday, October 30th at the Dance Mission...
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 Cross posted from Fictional Life  Twitter is growing on me. I really hated it at first, but it is turning into a source for running across really...
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Why Poetry?   Reprinted from “Musings,” Outlook, August 20, 2009               It’s a question that every poet who has ever been interviewed has been...
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As my new book, DREW: Poems from Blue Water, was in production, I was very flattered to receive very positive feedback from poets all over the...
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Shamanic Archetype In Everson’s post-Dominican view Christ was the greatest of all shamans. We don’t typically think of Christ as a shaman but in...
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For some reason Mondays bring the most reader mail. I don't know if it's because people have more time over the weekend and decide that writing to me...
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As I was driving into work today, I noticed a bumper sticker on a car in front of me and one lane over. It was one of those bumper stickers that I...
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She has “slaughtered sparrows and the English language”, they say, and have awarded her for the “crappiest of sentences”. They are generous, “How can...
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In all the rancor over whether or not one group of Muslims should be allowed to build a cultural center and worship space near the site of the 9/11...
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(Note: If you are moved by this article, as always please post, tweet, share or shout from the rooftop. In the world of a billion voices it takes...
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“To have another language is to possess a second soul.” –Charlemagne The European Emperor Charlemagne said that at a time when the opportunity to...
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  TOM SEAVER’S TOWN AND HIS TIMES   By STEVEN TRAVERS And TOM SEAVER   An authorized biography   CONCEPT   It is the biggest city in the world...
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I am a dandelion stalk,barren and still stripped of its many wishes. I let go of each wish, one by onereleasing my hold on its fantasy. “Letting go...
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Don Benito Mussolini, the Ultimate Crime Boss In the early 20th century, German economist Max Weber said that a sovereign nation is defined by its...
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"Where's your sister?" Ava, my ex-husband, Scott's, three-old said to me yesterday. Her mother, Liz, is the same age as I, but I had kids...
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History is linear for Westerners.  For me, especially my personal history, it’s a spiraling up.  When I began writing after my 3-year...
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For a group that regularly decries what they view as "minority" whining, and the politics of victimization, white conservatives are...
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